The Dead Hand #2 Advance Review: Another Excellent Issue and Shock Ending

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Carter Carlson reminisces on his work with French operator Renae in Tripoli before returning to the present and interrogating the so-called novelist who wandered into Mountainview. Carter wants to know what this "writer" knows about the Dead Hand. Meanwhile, Harriet tries to cope with what she saw Sheriff Carlson doing to the novelist earlier.

The Dead Hand #2 cover by Stephen Mooney and Jordie Bellaire
The Dead Hand #2 cover by Stephen Mooney and Jordie Bellaire

The Dead Hand #2 shows an admirable level of restraint, as it doesn't immediately kick things into high gear after the dramatic reveal at the end of its opening issue. This book still has a narrow focus, with the life in Mountainview still taking centerstage with flashbacks about Carlson and Renae sprinkled throughout.

Harriet is in this issue more as well. She has some interesting traits, but the comic could do with toning down the teenage girl clichés which plague Harriet and her friends

Renae is an interesting new addition to the book, and I look forward to seeing how this character shakes out.

Against all odds, Dead Hand #2 delivers a shocking finale on par with that of the first issue's. While it's not quite as unexpected and out-of-nowhere, it did leave me aghast with how exactly it's played.

Stephen Mooney's artwork continues to impress in this installment. The immaculate detailing of Mountainview and its residents is gorgeous, and I will never get over how awesome Carlson's Cold War uniform is. Jordie Bellaire's color work is as brilliant as ever, creating a vibrant yet balanced contrast throughout this comic.

The Dead Hand #2 is another impressive installment for Kyle Higgins and Stephen Mooney's comic book. Action is sprinkled in to help keep the pace quick, and the Cold War intrigue is interesting. The mystery and characters tie it all together well, and Mooney and Bellaire keep the visuals pristine. This one earns another recommendation. Check it out this Wednesday.

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