The Flash #769 Review: Not Exactly Entertaining

If you're a fan of the show Quantum Leap, you might find some enjoyment in the idea of unpunished spree killer Wally West sliding into the bodies of varied speedsters throughout spacetime to stop disasters that, in fact, Wally himself helped to create.

The Flash #769 Review: Not Exactly Entertaining
The Flash #769 Cover. Credit: DC Comics

To be fair, the artwork in The Flash #769 from David LaFuente, Brandon Peterson, Mike Atiyeh, Luis Guererro, and Steve Wands presents a dynamic, "flashy" future as well as clever heist mechanics in the present. The script from Jeremy Adams executes the core concepts competently enough. Likewise, it's fun checking in with Bart Allen's futuristic elements and getting some mild sneak peeks of the future for the Blue & Gold franchise and further adventures in time (with a cute TARDIS-styled joke as well).

However, the concept itself is a sloppy hot mess as it sets up a situation for Wally West to spread mayhem throughout history while Barry Allen, Oliver Queen, and Michael Holt try another angle to fix the mess in the present day. The result is, frankly, baffling. It's not exactly entertaining, but like a train car full of refugees going over the edge into a crevasse, it's impossible to look away.

If one can get over the problematic ideas in the life of a "kid" with a wife and a family spreading destruction through the timestream, there is a devil-may-care whimsy to this work and very high-quality production values … but to what end? Is it just getting warmed up, or is this dead on arrival like, oh, Hot Spot? RATING: MEH.

The Flash #769
By Jeremy Adams, David LaFuente, Brandon Peterson
After an accident pushes Wally West into the time stream, the former Kid Flash lands in the body of his onetime partner, Impulse. Now sprinting through the 30th century side by side with the mysterious (and, yeah, ridiculous) Gold Beetle, Wally must uncover what's causing the destructive explosions that keep propelling him through time and the bodies of other speedsters.

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