The Justice League Get New Neighbours Courtesy Of Themyscira

Today sees the publication of DC Comics' Nubia Coronation Special, in which Nubia is crowned Queen of the Amazons, of Themyscira Island. Originally Wonder Woman's long-lost twin sister, Nubia has since variously been presented as: a non-sibling Amazon contemporary of Wonder Woman, as a parallel-universe version of the hero, and as an inheritor of the Wonder Woman mantle in a future timeline. Created by Robert Kanigher and Don Heck, Nubia debuted in Wonder Woman #204 in 1972. After DC Comics rebooted its continuity in the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Wonder Woman and her supporting characters were re-imagined. Though originally absent, Nu'Bia would be reintroduced in 1999 by Doselle Young and Brian Denham. After DC Rebirth Nubia was featured in Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman as a future Wonder Woman. With Infinite Frontier, and the believed death of Wonder Woman, a more classic version of Nubia once more existed and becomes Queen of Amazon. When Diana returned to the living, she officially blesses Nubia to share her title as Wonder Woman, in addition to her new role as Queen. But now she's getting the official crowning – or tiara-ing. They do have a Tiarmory on Themyscira after all. But also, new neighbours.

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As we have seen in previews for Dark Crisis, and Justice League #75, Diana is dead (again) along with the rest of the League. Having a Themysciran embassy next door to the Halls Of Justice could make it convenient if Nubia wants to go up against Yara Flor over anything…

Dark Crisis 9 Page

(W) Stephanie Williams, Vita Ayala (A) Various (CA) David Mack
Art by Marguerite Sauvage, Darryl Banks, Jill Thompson, Alitha Martinez, Nikolas Draper-Ivey, Becky Cloonan and More After the events of Trial of the Amazons, a new era for these warriors has dawned. Amazons from around the world have come to Themyscira to witness history and the crowning of their new leader. She stood between Man's World and the dangers of Doom's Doorway for centuries; when she was called upon to serve her people, she stood strong and clear-eyed, unafraid to look certain death in the face; she has united peoples on the brink of war… All hail Queen Nubia, champion of the three tribes! Join us for an awe-inspiring special celebrating the mysterious past, thrilling present, and promising future of the character. And for the first time, Nubia's origin will be revealed! You won't want to miss this moment in Wonder Woman history that is certain to influence stories for years to come!
Retail: $5.99 In-Store Date: 05/03/2022


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