The New New York Forbidden Planet On Broadway

Frazer Brown writes for Bleeding Cool on the new location for Forbidden Planet New York… right round the corner of the old one.

Walking in to the new NYC Forbidden Planet flagship store (conveniently approx 3 doors own from the old Forbidden Planet store on Broadway), I was slightly underwhelmed, The shop has a sense of "still unpacking" about it (which in fairness it is). A lack of window display and a haphazard way of displaying the merchandise, isn't much of an improvement on it's old premises, Just bigger. Still, they are well stocked, the staff are very helpful and knowledgeable and the space makes it a lot easier to browse than in the past. It does pail in comparison to it's London counterpart in terms of stock and atmosphere but it does seem to be a draw for the "off the street" punter which can only be a good thing for bringing in that mythical "new Reader".

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