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Things To Do in London In December If You Like Comics
Tickets are limited – please enquire now, by calling Epiphany @ 07541 365250 The Wellness Centre, First Floor, Unit 1040/42, Croydon CR0 1TY. Wednesday, 22nd of December Jock Signing Batman: One Dark Knight, Forbidden Planet Megastore, Shaftesbury Avenue, 6.30-7.30pm.   Another month, another Things To Do In London If You Like Comics As we are starting to return[...]
Rihanna Splurges At New York's Forbidden Planet
Page Six reports a New York Shopping spree for Rihanna on Wednesday, that included visiting Forbidden Planet in New York City The New York Post's celebrity gossip website reports that Rihanna's security guards were said to have walked out with five bags of vintage toys from the shop, under her umbrella No comic books though,[...]
Forbidden Planet's The Detective #1 Cover Returns Batman To Liverpool
Forbidden Planet has a new retailer exclusive cover from Brian Bolland for Batman: The Detective #1 by Tom Taylor and Andy Kubert, coming in three versions. Set in London, the cover chooses to feature the Liver Building in Liverpool, one of three buildings next to each other known as the Three Graces, and recently used for filming[...]
Craig Rousseau's Young Hellboy Cover For Forbidden Planet And Jetpack
Forbidden Planet in the UK and Jetpack Comics in New Hampshire, USA share an exclusive variant cover drawn by artist Craig Rousseau for the new Young Hellboy comic book, out from Dark Horse in February. Craig Rousseau's Young Hellboy Cover For Forbidden Planet And Jetpack Mike Mignola, Tom Sniegoski, Craig Rousseau, Clem Robbins, and Dave Stewart will[...]
Adi Granov On Swiping His Own Iron Man For Boba Fett
Today, Ilkley-based comic book artist Adi Granov, posted the following image and commentary on a Forbidden Planet Star Wars #1 variant cover from several years ago A signed CGC version of which just sold for $200 with a raw B&W variant selling for $100 On Facebook today, Granov reminisced about its creation. Adi Granov On Swiping[...]
Forbidden Planet International Also Has A Lockdown Click & Collect
The other week, Bleeding Cool ran plans for Forbidden Planet launching Click And Collect for the first time, across its range of stores Of course, that's only half the Forbidden Planet stores, as the other half is Forbidden Planet International, a corporate split that goes way back But the other Forbidden Planet chain wanted to[...]
James Tynion IV's Razorblades Finally Available In The UK
Which is where Forbidden Planet in the UK has come in, making the first two issues available, with their own exclusive covers to boot Which means a few may be shipped back to collectors in the US, with seems to defeat the purpose of the exercise, but there you go. Razorblades #1 can be ordered here,[...]
Forbidden Planet Launches Its First Curbside Service In The UK
For the first time, from this Monday, Forbidden Planet Ltd will be offering a curbside service, what they call "Call & Collect" The largest comic book chain in the UK, even when split into two different companies, the last lockdown saw the stores close completely This time, they will stay open so that customers can[...]
Brian Bolland Remakes Killing Joke For Rorschach Forbidden Planet Cover
Forbidden Planet has commissioned a retailer exclusive cover by Brian Bolland for Rorschach #1, the unauthorised Watchmen sequel by Tom King and Jorge Fornes to be published by DC Comics next month And he is referencing one of his own famous covers to do so The Killing Joke. Brian Bolland Redraws Killing Joke as Rorschach Forbidden[...]
More War Stories And Time Travel Comics From Garth Ennis
In Garth Ennis' video interview with Titan Comics and Forbidden Planet's Andrew Sumner for the 42nd anniversary of Forbidden Planet, he talked about his upcoming plans for comic books, some he can talk about, some he can't He tells us I've got a new series coming out from Artists Writers and Artisans which is Axel Alonso's[...]
Steve Ditko Wanted Spider-Man to be Orange and Purple
When Jonathan Ross talked with Forbidden Planet about his In Search Of Steve Ditko BBC documentary, Ross revealed one Spider-Man snippet from when he talked to the late Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko that, as far as I can tell has never been shared by anyone before So I thought I'd share it Ross tells us; "I said[...]
Simon Pegg Returns To TV With Crispian Mills For a "Big Event"
As part of Simon Pegg's interview with Andrew Sumner for Forbidden Planet's 42nd birthday, Pegg states that he is "writing something at the moment with Crispian Mills which is a big piece of event TV I can't wait to talk about –  I can't yet sadly As soon as it comes out I won't be[...]
Mark Millar's Plans For Jupiter's Legacy 3, Prodigy 2 and John Romita
In Mark Millar's video interview with Titan Comics and Forbidden Planet's Andrew Sumner for the 42nd anniversary of Forbidden Planet, Millar talked about his upcoming plans – that would have involved him taking a year off this year, but then everyone else went and did that as well Mark Millar lays out what's coming from[...]
Alice Cooper and Neil Gaiman "Fiddling Around With Something"
In Alice Cooper's video interview with Titan Comics and Forbidden Planet's Andrew Sumner for the 42nd anniversary of Forbidden Planet, Alice Cooper talked about signing there with Neil Gaiman for their Last Temptation music and comics project with Michael Zulli And suggests there may be something more in the works between Gaiman and Cooper. "Where else[...]
15 Hours Of Celebrity Interviews For Forbidden Planet's 42nd Birthday
But today for Forbidden Planet's 42nd birthday, they have released around 15 hours of celebrity interviews and a tonne of behind-the-scenes histories behind the iconic comic book store that began in Denmark Street in London That includes fifty minutes of Garth Ennis and Dan Slott, an hour of Neil Gaiman, Jonathan Ross and Kevin Smith[...]