Thought Bubble Debut: Mega Robo Bros Vol 2: Mega Robo Rumble By Neill Cameron

We've been taking a look at new books and comics coming out at the upcoming Thought Bubble Comics Festival, a week-long celebration of creativity and comics that takes place in Leeds in the north of England. The festival culminates in a weekend-long comic con on September 23rd-24th. Taking over a fair part of the city across a number of venues, the event always includes the big splash con party and a smorgasbord of incredible comics and creativity in every corner you can find.

My youngest daughter's favourite strip in the weekly comic Phoenix is Mega Robo Bros, by Neill Cameron. And he has a second collection of the series that I have already been told by her to buy, debuting at Thought Bubble, then out in bookstores a few weeks afterwards.

Mega Robo Bros 2: MEGA ROBO RUMBLE

Neill Cameron, David Fickling Books
96 pages, £9.99
Alex and Freddy are brothers. ROBOT brothers!
When duty calls, they're agents of R.A.I.D., an elite government unit that protects the world from ROBOTIC ATTACKS. Now they're facing NEW and TERRIFYING threats: a GIANT drill-bot is destroying London, Freddy gets FAMOUS, and even worse, a MYSTERIOUS ROBOT twisted with rage is intent on ruthlessly exacting his REVENGE on R.A.I.D….
From the pages of The Phoenix, the second volume of writer-artist Neill Cameron's British award-winning all-ages adventure MEGA ROBO BROS is here!

I once ended up on the Daily Politics TV show with Neill Cameron over a comic book pitch that sadly didn't go anywhere. A show I am now watching while writing this very article…

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