Disney Descendants And Wall-E Manga: Tokyopop February 2018 Solicits

An adaptation of the Disney Descendants by Natsuki Minami and a manga adaptation of Pixar's Wall-E  by Shiro Shirai are being launched in the upcoming February of 2018 by Tokyopop. Read below for more details.

(A/CA) Natsuki Minami
As a talented designer, Evie can't wait to enter Auradon's national design competition, traveling and challenging other young hopefuls from all across the land. Even more exciting: the grand prize is a generous grant to use for any charity they see fit, and Evie plans to use it to open a video workshop to teach the kids back on the Isle of the Lost. But as one setback after another gets in her way, it looks like someone might not want Evie to win at all…
This is Book 1 of the Trilogy! (STL072214) (C: 0-1-2)
SC, 7×10 (1 of 3) SRP: $10.99

Disney Descendants And Wall-E Manga: Tokyopop February 2018 Solicits
(W/A/CA) Shiro Shirai
Based on the hit Disney•Pixar movie Wall-E.
Wall-E is a trash compactor robot — the last one of his kind! — and every day for hundreds of years he's faithfully cleaned and organized the millions of tons of trash left behind on Earth by humans. But his routine is flipped upside down when he finds a tiny green plant, the first new sign of life for centuries! When the sleek new robot EVE shows up to take the proof of life back to humanity, Wall-E falls head over wheels in love and eagerly follows her across the galaxy into a whole new adventure!
Relive this epic space romance in beautiful manga form! (STL065061) (C: 0-1-2)
SC, 128pgs, B&W SRP: $10.99

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