It Only Took Nine Years, But Marvel Plans To Advertise Comics In Movie Theaters This Spring


Iron Man, the first movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, came out in 2008, which was around the same time that everyone except Marvel figured out that it would probably be a good idea to promote their comic books alongside their wildly successful superhero films. Well, it's 2017, and someone in Marvel's marketing department who we imagine deserves a huge raise and promotion has finally come up with the brilliant idea to advertise comics in movie theaters. How did they ever think of that?!

"They tell me, Vlad, think of most obvious way to market comics, so that is what I do," explained Marvel summer marketing intern Vlad Kozinkerov. "I gave boss David Gabriel the answer before he even finished asking question. People go to see superhero movies, so they like superheroes. If moviegoers knew comics were a thing that still existed, they would probably like those too."

According to a press release, starting next week, pre-trailer ads for Marvel's upcoming releases, including Secret Empire ads during Guardians of the Galaxy screenings. Marvel is also bringing their advertising campaign to television screens to promote Secret Empire, the meat and potatoes X-Men relaunch, and other Marvel comics in what Marvel is billing as a coordinated Spring marketing push, after testing the waters with a pre-screening ad for comics before Doctor Strange late last year. It's great to see that the House of Ideas has finally come on board with what everyone else agreed was a common sense idea nearly a decade ago, and we hope that this renewed interest in promoting actual comics to a mainstream audience, along with Marvel's highly advanced technology of embedding a Google Map search result in an email, helps save the comics industry from its current slump.

Unfortunately, due to the terms of Vlad's internship agreement, he probably won't be getting a raise for solving all of Marvel's marketing woes, but at least he will "continue to have access to servers that host emails sent by close Trump advisor," whatever that means. Look for Marvel comics commercials in theaters next weekend!

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