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WWE Promotes Raw with Cursed Photoshop Graphic
Clearly, this was done by someone for whom graphic design is their passion. The All Mighty @fightbobby and @TheGiantOmos meet in a Steel Cage Match and more! Here's your preview for tonight's #WWERaw 📺 8/7c @USA_Network pic.twitter.com/1vzAagZNjx — WWE (@WWE) May 16, 2022 "They tell me, Vlad, make sure viewers can see beautiful face of Bobby Lashley, Omos, and MVP,"[...]
Marvel Heroes Comment on Olympic Skier's Frozen Penis
"Well, let me tell you: I had my penis frozen and thawed dozens of times! He only had to do it just once! And do you think Ivan is just standing around, thinking about how to make their brainwashed killing machine's thawing penis more comfortable? No, they probably got a kick out of the whole[...]
Finally, Another Spider-Man Series, Spine-Tingling Spider-Man on MU
No credit is given for the music and vocals, but Bleeding Cool received the following comment from a certain unpaid intern known for performing many odd tasks at the House of Ideas. "They tell me, Vlad, take Casio keyboard and create spooky theme song for new Spider-Man comic," said unpaid intern Vlad Kozinkerov "So that is[...]
The cover to Winter Guard #1, by Ryan Cady and Jan Bazaldua, hitting stores in August from Marvel Comics
We are all out of ideas," said Vlad Kozinkerov "So that is what I do I say, don't you have Black Widow movie coming out soon? Make comic about that and leave Vlad alone The rest is history." In an EX-X-XCLUSIVE reveal on Syfy Wire, Marvel dispatched Ryan Cady to deliver press release quotes to pad[...]
Comic Writer Trashes Recap Pages; Top Industry Designer Responds
Zircher's thread prompted legendary comic book writer Fabian Nicieza to respond, "There is NO WAY old school not cool splash page work better than 'recap pages' have for the last 20 years! WHO WOULDN'T WANT TO OPEN UP A COMIC BOOK TO THE EXCITING VISUAL OF A HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT? I wish I could be 10 years old[...]
Marvel Releases Trailer for
Gage (A/CA) Pete Woods • The future is now! Artificial Intelligences presents a clear and present danger to humanity and must be brought to heel! • The Robot Rebellion battles for the establishment of robot rights! • And Arno Stark IS Iron Man! PLUS! Pete Woods' main cover art will feature a 5th Color Flourescent Ink treatment! Rated T+ In Shops:[...]
New Thor: Ragnarok IMAX Exclusive Poster Shows Off Photoshop's Ink Outlines Filter
They'll be able to get their hands on an EXCLUSIVE poster for the movie that shows off not only the film's colorful style, but also some intern's skilled use of Photoshop's "ink outlines" filter. "They tell me, Vlad, spend no more than five minutes prepping this artwork," said IMAX intern and definitely real person Vlad Kozinkerov of[...]
Get A New Look At Old Justice League Costumes
And take no more than three minutes to do it," Warner Bros intern Vlad Kozinkerov explained to Bleeding Cool when we asked him to help us pad the word count for this article so we could stay compliant with entertainment media regulations "So that is what I do." Kozinkerov said that he added the logos and[...]
Deadpool Marital Troubles To Be Subject Of Tawdry Marvel Crossover Event Comic
Here's the connected covers for the first three issues by artist Reilly Brown (watermark by ComicBook.com intern Vlad Kozinkerov): Brown will be providing three more connecting covers for the other three issues as well. Well, at least it's not another "heroes vs heroes" thing. According to an EXXXCLUSIVE report from ComicBook.com, a new crossover between  Deadpool, Spider-Man/Deadpool, and Deadpool[...]