Don't Worry WandaVision Fans, Mephisto Is Still Marvel's Big Bad

So, it seems a few folks are a little bent out of shape that there was no big reveal of Mephisto in the WandaVision finale from Marvel. And the bottom of the market has fallen out for his first appearance, Silver Surfer #3 from 1968, now selling for hundreds rather than thousands.

Will Marvel's Big December Event Be Mephisto Related?
Mephisto and Phil Coulson in Avengers

But in the comic books, it is all about Mephisto right now. In the Avengers, he brought back Phil Coulson from the dead and used him to recruit the Squadron Supreme as the United States Of America rival to the Avengers.

Avengers #38 Rewrites The History Of The Marvel Universe (Spoilers)
Mephisto in Avengers

While it was revealed that in every iteration of the Avengers across the millennia, from one million years ago, to the far future, Mephisto was integral in their creation.

Don't Worry WandaVision Fans, Mephisto Is Still Marvel's Big Bad
Mephisto forming the Avengers

So the upcoming Heroes Reborn event gives us a world where Captain America stayed frozen, Tony Stark never had his Iron Man moment, and Thor is an atheist – is a world in which Mephisto did not create the Avengers. But Phil Coulson is President of the United States and Squadron Supreme are the pre-eminent superhero team.

Mephisto Is Still Marvel's Big Bad
Phil Coulson in Heroes Reborn

While in Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker, Mary Jane and Harry Osborn and revisiting the events of One More Day, with Doctor Strange, looking back at what Mephisto did to remove their marriage in return for the life of Aunt May. And where the Kindred version of Harry Osborn came from. And if Kindred is Harry Osborn, asking who the one walking around since Brand New Day is. And presumably that has to fit in with his overall plan.

Mephisto Is Still Marvel's Big Bad
Doctor Strange confronting Mephisto over One More Day

Not to mention messing with The Champions, Doctor Strange and kicking off Damnation a few years ago.

Mephisto Is Still Marvel's Big Bad
Mephisto in The Champions

Hey, maybe he'll show up in Falcon & The Winter Soldier?


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