What's The Big Secret in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #50?

Boom Studios is celebrating a major milestone on June 24 with the 50th issue of their Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series – and they've been promising it will be big, at least based on their solicitations:

The MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS & the OMEGA RANGERS – along with surprise new allies – versus The Anointed in the conclusion to NECESSARY EVIL!? Everything has been leading to the shocking return of a fan favorite character so big that we needed a LAST PAGE GATEFOLD to contain it! ? But what does it mean now that [SPOILER] is back?

Now short of [Spoiler] being the popular DC Super Hero Spoiler, or a certain someone appearing in this week's Buffy – which would be quite a story in and of itself – there's a short list of Power Rangers characters who might warrant all this secrecy from Boom. So, who will it be?

We've got a few guesses:

Lord Drakkon: the evil alternate universe version of Tommy Oliver (AKA The Green Ranger) is not only one of the most popular characters in Power Rangers history, but he was the star of the "Shattered Grid" event story that was so big that it sold 800 copies in 15 minutes at one retailer. Boom also announced a Power Rangers: Drakkon New Dawn limited series this summer, which sounds like it doesn't star Drakkon…but that's exactly the kind of thing you'd want to hide if you had a big return planned, right?"

Tommy's Son: Yeah, everything seems to come back to the Green Ranger. A few years ago, Boom's Power Rangers: Soul of The Dragon OGN introduced Tommy's son JJ. He went on to become the Green SPD Ranger. Could he be traveling back in time somehow? That would definitely be a huge surprise unless of course we just ruined it. Sorry, Boom.

The Ranger Slayer: She's a formerly evil alternate universe version of the Pink Ranger and she has her own one shot that's moved to July, which we've heard helps set the stage for a big HoxPox style Power Rangers story. She's also the only announced star of that aforementioned Drakkon New Dawn, but we've already seen her return…haven't we? Could there be another twist?

The Green Psycho Ranger: Well, at least this one isn't connected to Tommy…I think. Hasbro has just announced a Green Psycho Ranger figure as part of their Lightning Collection, which is significant because he was created in the Boom comics and hasn't made too many appearances, with his most recent in a Power Rangers OGN. I don't think that this would be the shocking appearance that fans expect unless there's a new wrinkle.

As Boom's Power Rangers comics continue to be hot with speculators, there's a good chance the combination of a big return and anniversary issue might also drive interest from readers who feel like the lack of Marvel comics has left them some extra money to dive back into the teen super hero series that once outsold everything from Marvel when its first issue launched in 2016.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #50 FOCs this Monday, May 25 and is in comic shops on Wednesday, June 24.

What's The Big Secret in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #50?
What's The Big Secret in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #50? Art from MMPR.

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