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Why Storm is No Longer on a Team Book For X-Men: From The Ashes

 Tom Brevoort talked about the upcoming X-Men: From The Ashes line. Including solo book Storm and why Storm isn't in any of the team X-books.

Article Summary

  • Tom Brevoort discusses Storm's solo focus in "X-Men: From The Ashes".
  • Storm's strong presence led to her exclusion from team books.
  • A glimpse of Storm's future role was teased in "Women Of Marvel".
  • "X-Men: From The Ashes" is a 2024 relaunch exploring mutantkind's new era.

It's Storm time. Marvel EVP and X-Men Group Editor Tom Brevoort appeared on the Homo Superior Podcast last week, and talked about the upcoming X-Men: From The Ashes line. Including solo books that include Storm, something that had been much gossiped about of late. And also why Storm isn't in any of the team X-Men books.

"Obviously, Storm is a solo character title, and we'll position that character in what I hope is a good and effective place within the cosmology°. mutantkind and the X-Men in this new world. She ended up being a difficult character at first because as we laid out the 3 X-Men books, we kinda realized that if you put her on any of those teams, she takes over the team. She's got such a gravity to her as a character that if she's standing next to Rogue or she's standing next to Cyclops or Kitty, I'm sorry, they're not in charge anymore. It's her.
So, we're gonna lean into Storm as a solo character on the same kind of level as an Iron Man or a Captain America or Spider-Man or Daredevil or whatever and see if we can make that go."

A future look of Storm had already been seen in Women Of Marvel… addressing some form of official gathering, possibly political, maybe religious, in suit and shirt.

Storm Loses The Mohawk For X-Men: From The Ashes

X-Men: From the Ashes is a 2024 relaunch of the X-Men line of comic books published by Marvel Comics after the end of Krakoan Age. Announced at SXSW, it intends to tell the story of mutantkind in a new status quo established following the end of the mini-series Fall of the House of X and Rise of the Powers of X. The first announced books include  X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, Exceptional X-Men, NYX, Phoenix, Storm, Wolverine, X-Factor and X-Forc

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