Over 100+ Pictures of New Hasbro Transformers Figures

Hasbro, during their New York Toy Fair presentation revealed A TON of new Transformers figures, and they are spectacular. I got back into collecting Transformers a couple years ago, and myself and my daughter cannot get enough of them. There are a lot to look at, so lets dive right in!

First, the Robots in Disguise line. Aimed at younger kids, I can attest that these are great to give the little ones, as they feature easy transformations and are in a more animated style. Which makes sense since these are based off a cartoon. Grimlock is a favorite in this house, as is Cyberwarp and of course, Bumblebee.

Next, we have our first looks at Transformers: The Last Knight movie figures. Say what you will about the films themselves (not really a fan), but Hasbro has done a great job getting out great toys in the movie lines. Lots of Dinobots here with new paint deco, as well as Bumblebee of course.

Lastly, Generations. This line has really taken off these last couple years and includes bots of all shapes and sizes, from Krok all the way up to the Trypticon we told you about the other day. The Convoy Optimus Prime also looks incredible, as does the Overlord. Check out many, many pictures down below, with every bot shown in every Transformation they will have.

Look for all of these in stores throughout the spring and summer!



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