50 Cent Says He is Definitely Interested in Making a Third Game

Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson has talked about making a third game featuring him, and it is something he definitely has his eye on the moment.

50 Cent Says He is Definitely Interested in Making a Third Game

The 50 Cent games are bizarre things. There have been two thus far with 50 Cent: Bulletproof and 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, both making their way around a decade ago. While Bulletproof was pretty uninspired, Blood on the Sand was a bizarre bit of licensing that was so ridiculous, so morally unsound with 50 Cent and his crew in warzone situations, on top of some alright combat, it may have even been on the right side of 'good' (granted, with some irony thrown in there too). The games are weird things that exist; an incredibly 'of their time' happenstances.

Well, we might be about to be dragged back into that time and place, as Jackson has expressed interest in making a third game to feature him. Speaking to GameSpot, when asked if he'd like to do another video game, he replied:

Definitely, I'm interested, I may do something based on the concept that I developed for Tomorrow, Today.

Tomorrow Today is an upcoming show on Starz about a veteran getting superpowers. It will star Jackson. He did also posit though, conceptually, it might be something else entirely:

I just have to find the right concept. Everything I touch, I want to be unique. I want it to be special. And I put thought into it, because those things will be here longer than I would…when I come up with [another game], I want to make sure it's something we enjoy for a long time

Man, what a world this world would be if we got a new 50 Cent game past 2020.

Now, one could argue that 50 Cent doesn't quite hold the cultural relevance he did back in 2005 and 2009 when the other two games featuring him came out. That perhaps the ability to sell a game off of his name alone might not be exactly what it was back then. That, of course, would be a defeatist's attitude and one with no place here.

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