A New Rumor Suggests Capcom Will Reveal Resident Evil 8 This Month

If you believe the latest rumor mills stories, it sounds like Capcom may be on the verge of revealing Resident Evil 8 later this month. The last original Resident Evil game to come out was over three years ago when Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was released back in January 2017. It was an amazing return to the series and it became the catalyst for Capcom to go back and remake Resident Evil 2 using the same graphics and engine for the remake. Rather than just giving us a cleaned-up version of the original like they did with the first game. Since that point in time, all of the franchise releases have either been DLC content for RE7, or remakes/re-releases of previous titles. And while there's always been talk that a new one was on the way, no one from Capcom ever sat down and truly confirmed what the next Resident Evil project might be beyond Resistance. However, this past week as AestheticGamer revealed in a tweet that the company will be announcing the next game very soon.

Burning down the house in Resident Evil 7
Burning down the house in Resident Evil 7. Credit: Capcom

Okay, so the little game is done. This will be breaking this month with more details later not by myself, but I've needed to clear some stuff up. "Resident Evil 2021" is Resident Evil 8, but it wasn't always RE8. During most of its development it existed as Revelations 3.

Considering how well RE7 did, as well as how well all of the remakes and re-releases have been doing on sales, it would make perfect sense for them to strike while the iron is hot this month. With RE3 and Resistance set to take over the world for the next month, letting fans know that RE8 is on the way would be the best way to go. The most interesting point, however, about that tweet is how many different changes the game is rumored to have gone through leading up to this point. It does kind of beg the question: Do fans want to see Resident Evil Revelations 3 more than RE8? What caused it to switch from RER3 over to RE8? Does this mean we'll be seeing Resident Evil Revelations 3 in the near future?

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