A Number of PS3 Titles Are Losing Their Servers in October

A few people have taken notice this week that there are some PS3 games that will be losing their servers and listings starting in October. The three games that people have picked up on the most are PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Twisted Metal, and Warhawk, all of which have received notices that their servers will officially be shut down and terminated on October 25th. Of the three, Warhawk is the one that will take the biggest hit as the others have single-player campaigns and modes while it relies heaving on online content.

This news shouldn't come as a shock to anyone at this point as the PS3 is basically now just the middle child between the company's most successful console and it's current system, with a lot of its library being forgotten or ignored at this point. While it may be cheap to keep a server running, at some point the company does have to think about practicality. You can still but the games and whatever DLC you can, for now, but you'll only have a few more weeks if you truly wanna jump in those servers.

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