A Remake Of Tsukihime Will Launch In Japan In 2021

Some fun news from Aniplex as they along with Type-Moon revealed this week that a remake of Tsukihime is on the way next year. The news came down from PR Times who revealed that the game is currently on track to be released for the Nintendo Switch and the PS4, and that it will be out sometime in the Summer of 2021. However, the release is only going to be in Japan for now. The official name of the game will be called Tsukihime: A Piece Of Blue Glass Moon, but beyond that, we don't really have any idea if the story in the remake will follow anything from the original or if it will strictly be a totally new adventure with an entirely new cast of characters. Here's a snippet from the PR about the last game.

The Tsukihime remake will be released sometime in the Summer of 2021, courtesy of Aniplex.
The Tsukihime remake will be released sometime in the Summer of 2021, courtesy of Aniplex.

Tsukihime is a feature-length bizarre visual novel released by Type-Moon in 2000. The fragile line of things — The story drawn around the main character, Shiki Tono, who has the ability to see the "line of death" has fascinated many people since its distribution. The "Tsukihime" will be reborn as "Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon-" by Type-Moon staff including Kinoko Nasu and Takashi Takeuchi, with new expressions while retaining the remnants of the past.

We do know through the official website that the cast will include Ryousuke Kanemoto, Ikumi Hasegawa, Kaede Hondo, Shino Shimoji, and Kana Ichinose. From what little info is out there, we know that the company has been testing the game going back as far as the Fall of 2019, but they haven't released anything for the public to try out in the form of demos or betas. Basically, we'll just be waiting for now until they drop more info on us.

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