A Survival Mode is Coming to FIFA 19… Wait, What?

EA Sports has announced that FIFA 19 is getting an interesting new survival mode that has users losing players as they score.


Survival game elements really have found their way into just about every genre. There are countless examples of games that have adopted elements from the big boom of Survival games a few years ago, with crafting, permadeath and hardcore sensibilities all becoming pretty common in games all across the board. One place it hasn't quite found a way to penetrate though? Sports games. How would that even work?

Oh. Well, EA Sports seems to have figured it out. The team behind FIFA 19 has announced (via Eurogamer) that the survival mode is a new rule variant players can use, adding a new dimension to games if players want to engage with it. Essentially, it works as thus: Both teams start with 11 players and every time a goal is scored, that team loses a player. The game ends either after 90 minutes or if one team scores five goals. Theoretically, the game becomes easier as you begin to lose, which could make for some really fun, tight, back and forth matches.

Elsewhere, the game is also getting a mode that will allow you to turn off the referee, meaning you will be able to to foul to your heart's content. No free kicks, no cards, no offside. You just hop in and hack away and cheat your way to victory.

These house rules modes are a neat little addition to the game that I can see being a hit when played locally with a few friends. I like that FIFA is getting a little silly with itself and I'd love to see more out there rule variants be added as time goes on.

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