A Tale Of Paper Revealed To be A PS4 Exclusive For Late 2020

Sony Interactive Entertainment revealed that their upcoming game, A Tale Of Paper, will be released as a PS4 exclusive in late 2020. Developed by Open House Games, this new title was the winner of the V PlayStation Talents Awards, The game tells the story of an emotional adventure of a paper boy who will use origami to fulfill the dream of his creator. You can read a little bit more about the game below as well as check out screenshots as we wait for them to produce a proper release date.

Origami is your friend in A Tale Of Paper, courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment.
Origami is your friend in A Tale Of Paper, courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment.
"A Tale Of Paper's slow-paced and deep gameplay is what makes it special", explains the Open House Games team. "We mix puzzles and platforming but we also throw in some suspense and bits and pieces of walking simulation in this mix. It is also worth noting that this is no 2D platformer. The camera scrolls laterally, but players can roam in its world in any direction". Instead of power-ups, Line will use origami to overcome every obstacle on its way, even some evil Roombas: "Line must combine all of its abilities to clear every stage. But be careful, because every shape only allows Line to perform one action. As a frog, Line can jump higher but it can't walk or run. We wanted to transmit Line's fragility (and his potential to overcome obstacles) through this idea, combined with clever level design and some relentless enemies called Roombas", explains the Open House Games Team.

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