Abstract Arcade Game HyperDot is Rude but Fast

Abstract Arcade Game HyperDot is Rude but Fast
credit// Tribe Games

Tribe Games' HyperDot is described as a "strikingly minimal action arcade dodge 'em up," which mostly translates to frantic flailing with dots. That said, you can become frighteningly good at it, with practice and patience.

The game includes over 100 trials in the campaign mode along with several multiplayer  modes and a level editor. The mutiplayer is a simpe drop-in/drop-out system, while the level editor has more than 1 million enemy, arena, and modifier combinations. So you can go absolutely wild and swap out friends easily when they hate you for your modding choices.

HyperDot also comes with full support for eye-tracking and the Xbox Adaptive Controller, which is an added bonus for the somewhat brutal minimalist game.

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