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Adobe Substance 3D Announces Partnership With Epic Games
Adobe revealed during GDC 2023 that the company has formed a new partnership with Epic Games, allowing them access with Substance 3D This new deal with give them the ability to deliver powerful tools for a new generation of game creators, which will be located in a soon-to-be-released digital marketplace later in 2023 It will also include[...]
Razer To Release Interhaptics Universal HD Haptic SDK During GDC 2023
Razer revealed something they're bringing to GDC 2023 this week as they are releasing Interhaptics universal HD haptic SDK and directional haptics This is an absolutely free SDK release that is centered around enabling and creating a heightened immersive gaming experience at multiple levels The concept is simply to bring audio and visual effects to[...]
Day Of The Devs: GDC Edition Returns For 2023 Edition
Day Of The Devs has announced they will be bringing back their event for GDC in 2023, giving indie gamers an event to check out during that week The event will be taking place at GDC from March 20th-24th in San Francisco, located at Moscone Center on the third floor of the West Hall They[...]
Game Developers Choice Awards Reveals Two 2023 Awards Winners
The 23rd annual ceremony happening during GDC 2023 in San Francisco will be honoring Mabel Addis, who is recognized as the first female game designer, as she will posthumously receive the Pioneer Award Meanwhile, designer and programmer John Romero will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award for his work on titles such as Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM,[...]
2023 Game Developers Choice Awards Reveals Full Nominees List
You can see the full list below, as the 23rd annual awards showcase will take place on Wednesday, March 22nd, during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Credit: GDC 2023 Game Developers Choice Awards Game Of The Year Elden Ring (FromSoftware Inc./Bandai Namco Entertainment) God of War Ragnarök (Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment) IMMORTALITY (Sam Barlow/Half Mermaid) Pentiment (Obsidian Entertainment/Xbox[...]
Independent Games Festival Awards Reveals 2022 Nominees
Informa Tech, the primary organizer of the Game Developers Conference (GDC), has revealed the Independent Games Festival Awards finalists for 2023 As usual, the event will be held during GDC at San Francisco's Moscone Convention Center from March 20th–24th The IGFA has revealed the six finalists for the Seumas McNally Grand Prize, which we have[...]
A Video Game-Branded Weed Strain Debuts During GDC 2022
If you happen to be in San Francisco for the convention, you can check them out at booth N3107 in the GDC Play area from March 23rd-25th. Wicked Indica, created for The Lost & The Wicked for GDC 2022, courtesy of North Country Pharms. You wake up surrounded by strange creatures, confused with no memory of your[...]
GDC 2022 Reveals Several Horizon Forbidden West Panels
GDC 2022 revealed they have several panels on the way next month that centers around the recent release of Horizon Forbidden West The even has seven different panels that you'll be able to attend during the event, which is set to run from March 21st-25th in San Francisco at the Moscone Center However, like a[...]
Game Developers Choice Awards Announces Two Special Award Winners
The event will take place on Wednesday, March 23rd at GDC, and will be broadcast live on Twitch for everyone to check out Here's some added info on both men from today's announcement. Credit: GDC The Ambassador Award will be presented to Steven Spohn for his work advocating for accessibility in video games as a streamer, award-winning[...]
GDC Announces Two New Upcoming Panels From Supercell
The lineup for GDC 2022 is getting filled up with more content as it was revealed today that Wordle will be on the bill as well The game has taken on a life of its own, even after being purchased by the New York Times and the dread that the organization will end up ruining[...]
GDC Announces Two New Upcoming Panels From Supercell
The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is slowly revealing some of the activities coming to the event, including new talks from Supercell The studio has signed up to give two special in-depth looks into games they have on the way The first one will have them exploring the creation and expansion of the Clash universe, while[...]
Independent Games Festival Awards Reveals 2022 Nominees
The Independent Games Festival has revealed their complete set of nominees for their 2022 Awards, set to be held this March during GDC Provided the event actually happens this year, which is currently set to be both in-person and virtually at San Francisco's Moscone Convention Center from March 21st-25th, several games are currently nominated for[...]
GDC Announces 2022 Will Return With In-Person Event
The Game Developers Conference (GDC) revealed today that they will return to San Francisco in 2022 with an in-person event As we know, the 2021 conference kicked off today and will be running entirely online for the next few days presenting a ton of information and presentations across multiple facets of gaming However, like a[...]
Game Developers Conference Announces "GDC Summer" For August
Some bad news for people looking to attend GDC's Summer event as the physical plans have been changed into digital ones As you are probably aware, multiple events have been canceled, rescheduled, or turned into digital-only events since the COVID-19 outbreak took place GDC 2020 was one of the first big events to be affected[...]
GDC 2020 Has officially Been Postponed
GDC 2020 may be postponed as an event, but organizers have decided they will continue to run some of the plans strictly online The organization will provide free streaming content from March 16th-20 between 9am-5pm each day, featuring many of the original speakers who would have been at the event in person This includes the[...]
Gamedev.World Launches Fundraiser To Help Devs Post-GDC 2020
So in the wake of GDC 2020 being canceled, something many of us don't see is the financial aftermath that takes place on indie developers While bigger companies like Facebook, Sony, and Electronic Arts can blow off their travel plans like its nothing and maybe even get their money back from organizers, it's the smaller[...]
Electronic Arts Pulls Out Of GDC 2020 Over Coronavirus
The latest company to pull out of GDC 2020 this week is Electronic Arts as they've cited the coronavirus as their main reason Word got out from the company, not by any official channels, but through a LinkedIn update The update in question came from Alex Sherer, who is an Ad Product Development Specialist at[...]
Kojima Productions’ Ken-Ichiro Imaizui Has Departed The Company
Continuing the trend of companies bailing from conventions due to the coronavirus, Kojima Productions has pulled out of GDC 2020 The company posted a notice on its website informing attendees of the tough decision they had to make this year The statement was pretty brief, but it confirms Hideo Kojima will not be in attendance. Credit:[...]
Facebook Cancels GDC Plans Over Coronavirus Concerns
Joining the growing list of companies pulling out of events due to the coronavirus, Facebook has decided to skip GDC 2020 this year The company posted the notice you see below on Oculus' website, letting fans and attendees know they would not be at the convention Instead, they will be doing a live video presentation[...]
Sony Officially Announces The PlayStation 5 For 2020 Holidays
Sony has decided to pull out of two more conventions in 2020, but this time due to concerns over the Coronavirus, as they skip GDC and PAX East The company announced earlier that they would be pulling out of PAX East in a statement on their blog, now it appears they've added San Francisco's event[...]
The Best of GDC's Brazil Games Showcase
GDC and PAX East this year hosted a Brazil Games Showcase, which brought some of the best indie games from Brazil to the states in order to look for publishers, and press. Several of the showcase games were up for awards at GDC Play this year, and quite a few took home top honors I was[...]
Buildings Have Feelings Too at GDC
It's a cute approach to the modern city builder, though the controls for moving buildings around is rather difficult to control, at least as of GDC. Buildings Have Feelings Too! will launch on PC, PlayStation4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One in late Summer 2019. credit// Merge Games Merge Games' and Blackstaff Games' Buildings Have Feelings Too is a[...]
Sniper Elite 2 Remaster at GDC
credit// Rebellion Rebellion's remaster of Sniper Elite 2 was playable at GDC last month, to show off the all new graphics, rendering technology, and improved x-ray kill cam. The soul of the game is still the same in the remaster, with players taking on the role of elite sniper Karl Fairburne, who parachuted into Berlin for the Nazis' final[...]
Dual Universe at GDC
Novaquark's Dual Universe is a continuous single-shard sandbox MMORPG, meaning that players share an absolutely massive world of potentially millions of
Raji: An Ancient Epic at GDC
Raji: An Ancient Epic is an action adventure game by Nodding Head Games. Raji is set in ancient India and puts players in the role of Raji, a young girl
The Soujourn at GDC
Because it's a story driven puzzler with a plot straight out of Final Fantasy. The puzzles are decently challenging and vaguely reminiscent of Portal in that you have to swap places with statues in order to solve the different puzzle challenges to move through the world. The combination of stylish atmosphere, unique puzzles, and engaging story made[...]