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Ultimate. Since the beginning, dedicated Smash fanatics found ways to exploit the game's mechanics to produce new techniques or glitches to exploit The latest involves of the newer characters to the Super Smash Bros franchise, Isabelle from Animal Crossing. Discovered by YouTuber TheAfrowJow, the glitch consists of two Isabelle players using her fishing rod ability simultaneously to[...]
Spider-Verse Hardcover Glitches On Amazon UK For £17.67
Last September, Bleeding Cool pointed out that the Amazon US listing for the upcoming Spider-Verse Hardcover had glitched, down from $75 to $30 It's now at a more modest discount of $50. Today it's Amazon UK's turn The listing has the wrong standard price listed of £25.99 and the discounted price brings it down to £17.67[...]
Amazon Glitchwatch – Spider-Verse Gets Even Glitchier
But now it has glitched again, worse than before It is now correctly listed with the sticker price of $75 but now discounted to $26.44 and the page count bumped up to 700. A 65% discount is higher than any comic store will get from Diamond – including Amazon Adding in shipping, Amazon are selling thus[...]
Glitchwatch: 100 Bullets Deluxe Book 4 For Under A Tenner
A 500 page hardcover for under a tenner… The price of the 100 Bullets Deluxe Book 4 on has glitched again, down from the cover price of £37.99 to £9.59. If past experience is anything to go by, it won't last long So retailers, readers, fill your boots. UPDATE: The Marshal Law hardcover is doing is[...]
Amazon Deluxe Glitch Speads… A Little
This isn't the industry-wide Amazon glitch of yesteryear. But as well as Marshal Law being glitch-priced down to 70% off on Amazon,, months from publication, it seems that 100 Bullets: The Deluxe Edition Book 4 is also getting similar treatment, down from an expected £37.99, listed on Amazon at £14.99 and then marked down to £12.74,[...]
Amazon Glitch: Five Hundred Page Marshal Law Hardcover For £9.59
Now that's what I call a glitch. It's already at a massive discount on, the superhero-hunting Marshal Law Deluxe hardcover, down from a perfectly reasonable $49.99 to just $28.27, 43% off with free shipping Many American retailers may be tempted to stock up on those terms. It's a steal but it's not a glitch. However in the[...]
Amazon Glitch: Days Of Future Comics
The only real glitch here, a book on which Amazon could not conceivably make any profit on whatsoever, is the Amazing Spider-Man: Ends Of The Earth volume It's already challenging the Walking Dead graphic novels on the Amazon chart. But aside from that, there are a remarkable number of comic books yet to be released, on[...]