Action RPG Kandria Will Arrive On Steam In January 2023

Shirakumo Games have revealed their upcoming game Kandria will be released for PC via Steam this coming January. This game is an aggressively challenging 2D platformer in which you play an android who will have to platform her way through various levels while defeating enemies. It has a few RPG elements tied to a system that will remind you a lot of Celeste, as you try to discover what has happened to the world you have awoken in. Enjoy the trailer and info below as it will be released on January 11th.

Action RPG Kandria Will Arrive On Steam In January 2023
Credit: Shirakumo Games

"You are an android, awakened in a ruined future. Explore vast underground caverns, parkour your way through hazardous terrain, and hack and slash through any obstacle that stands in your way in an open-world action RPG like no other. Or…just sit back and fish for a while, take in the atmosphere, and trade in your riches. The old world is gone – the future is up to you. Solve challenging puzzles, defeat hordes of enemies, and find your way through a twisted and ruined world of caverns, tunnels, and more.

  • Zero Gatekeeping: Ever been caught backtracking for ages, unsure how to proceed? There's no risk of that here. Right from the beginning, the world lies open for you to explore and discover as you like. But ambition can lead to danger if you're not careful…
  • Gather & Trade: Explore the world and find lost remnants, items, and trinkets from the world before. Trade them for useful items, use them to upgrade your equipment, or just sell them to get rich!
  • Relax With Some Fishing: Sometimes, taking a break is the best decision you can make. If you find some water, why not relax and do some fishing? Who knows, you might even catch something rare…
  • Explore Your Way: The world around you is a veritable playground of winding caverns and broken buildings for you to explore. How you traverse and conquer them is up to you.
  • A Living World: Despite the calamity that razed the surface world clean, you're not the only one roaming about. People from many walks of life still struggle to survive. Can you find a way to help them?
  • Fight Nature: When words fail you, you still have your trusty sword at your side. Whether it's feral animals, malfunctioning robots, or antagonistic humans, there's nothing you can't slice through.

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