Activision Blizzard May Cut Hundreds of Jobs in the Near Future

It may be dire times for those currently working for Activision Blizzard as a new report suggests the company is looking at several layoffs. According to a report from Bloomberg, the company is planning to announce hundreds of jobs will be cut and layoffs to come after recent poor performances and the company stock dipping. There have been a number of issues taking place from executives leaving, to the Diablo negativity, to Bungie parting ways, to slumping sales, all affecting day-to-day business in negative ways, as they acknowledged in a conference call.

Activision Blizzard May Cut Hundreds of Jobs in the Near Future

The layoffs, which could number in the hundreds, are part of a restructuring aimed at centralizing functions and boosting profit, said one of the people, who asked not to be identified because the changes haven't been announced. Activision employed 9,800 people at the end of 2017. The game maker, one of the largest in the world, acknowledged on a November conference call that some key titles, such as Overwatch and Hearthstone, were seeing flat or declining numbers of users. After disappointing sales of Destiny 2: Forsaken, the company parted ways with its developer, Bungie Inc., a move that could reduce annual revenue by as much as $400 million.

What areas it will affect is unknown at this point. The company already cut a lot out of Heroes of the Storm and put an end to their esports league due to poor performance. We'll see if the company can make a turnaround in 2019, but next week probably has everyone in the company on pins and needles waiting to see if they'll even be working there after Tuesday.

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