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Overwatch league
Activision Blizzard organizers behind the Overwatch League revealed their plans for what's to come in 2023, as the league will be getting some format changes The company posted a new blog and released a video, the latter of which we have for you below, going over many of the things that you can expect to[...]
The Overwatch World Cup Is Returning In 2023
Activision Blizzard has revealed all of the countries that will be taking part in the 2023 Overwatch World Cup, bringing the list to 36 Included in the list are the current champs from the United States and three-time winner South Korea, along with several competitive countries that will attempt to become the first champions of[...]
FTC May File Antitrust Suit Over Microsoft/Activision Blizzard Merger
Microsoft has responded to the FTC's block of their acquisition of Activision Blizzard by claiming the move is unconstitutional A few weeks ago, the FTC filed a motion to block the acquisition, citing that bringing the companies under the Microsoft banner would give the company an unfair advantage in the marketplace and essentially create a[...]
Xbox and Activision Blizzard, photo by Miguel Lagoa /
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced today they are seeking to block the Microsoft acquisition of Activision Blizzard The organization sent out a press release this afternoon, which we have the bulk of it for you below, in which they are alleging Xbox would gain control of too many video game franchises and enable them[...]
FTC May File Antitrust Suit Over Microsoft/Activision Blizzard Merger
Microsoft may have one major hurdle left before the Activision Blizzard merger can happen, and it would be coming from the FTC Politico is reporting that the Federal Trade Commission may file a lawsuit against the company to prevent the merger from happening, which they've cited comes from three different sources close to the matter[...]
The Call Of Duty League 2022 Championship Starts Today
Activision Blizzard has officially started the Call Of Duty League 2022 Championship series today, running throughout the weekend The event will bring about the biggest set of contenders yet since the formation of this new league a few years ago, as they will all vie for the top bragging rights, the trophy, and money as[...]
Call Of Duty To Hold First In-Game Charity Race To Aid Veterans
Activision Blizzard has announced a brand new charity event for the Call Of Duty Endowment as they will be having their in-game own charity race As part of their celebration for putting 100k veterans into high-quality jobs, the company will be hosting the first-ever charity race inside a Call Of Duty title to benefit their[...]
Activision Blizzard Shareholder Files Lawsuit Alleging SEC Violations
In the latest twist to the continuing Activision Blizzard saga, a shareholder has filed a lawsuit against the company The lawsuit, which was filed in California by shareholder Kyle Watson this past Thursday, is focused on alleged violations of the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934 as a result of Activision Blizzard's efforts to sell[...]
Activision Responds To The Current Strike At Raven Software
While the Activision Blizzard acquisition dominated the headlines this past week, one of their studios, Raven Software, made news of their own As we previously reported, the company's staff have not been happy with how their parent company has been running things as of late, which along with all of the sexual misconduct allegations and[...]
Microsoft Announces Acquisition Of Activision Blizzard
Major news this morning for Activision Blizzard as Microsoft has announced they will be acquiring the company shortly The industry giant announced the move this morning with the artwork you see below as they will be taking over the company in full for the price tag of $68.7 billion Which means titles such as Call of[...]
Treyarch Releases Statement About Being An Inclusive Work Environment
Treyarch works closely with Activision Blizzard, who are the publishers for the series, who have spent the better part of 2021 embroiled with lawsuits and accusations of creating a poor office culture with sexual misconduct throughout multiple levels of the company This includes firing 20 employees back in October, and recent allegations about the company's[...]
Blizzard Entertainment sign at the entrance to the video game developer and publisher headquarters - Irvine, California, USA - 2020, photo by Michael Vi /
More bad news coming from Activision Blizzard this week as the company's staff walked out after the release of a Wall Street Journal report investigating the company and its CEO Bobby Kotick The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Kotick knew about sexual abuse allegations but kept the board of directors in the dark.  The report[...]
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It apppears Activision Blizzard are finally taking action in some of their harassment reports as 20 employees have reportedly been fired According to a report from The Financial Times, following a memo sent out to the entire staff, several employees were let go from the company following claims made by staff against them which were[...]
Activision Blizzard Inc. logo displayed on smartphone by Piotr Swat
Activision Blizzard announced today that they have now created an $18 million fund to pay out claims of a hostile workplace and harassment If you're not completely up to date on what's been happening, you can read our story about the recent federal investigation the company got hit with from the U.S Securities and Exchange[...]
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As if things couldn't get worse for Activision Blizzard, the company has now been hit with a federal investigation this week The Wall Street Journal reported this morning that the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission has officially started its own investigation into the gaming company over workplace practices, as the SEC has subpoenaed several senior[...]
Activision-Blizzard Sued By California Over Poor Office Culture
The woes for Activision Blizzard continue as the company's own employees have filed an NLRB lawsuit of their own against the company In case you haven't been keeping up with the story, it all started when the state of California's Department of Fair Employment and Housing decided to file a lawsuit against the company for[...]
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Three big names at Activision Blizzard have been let go today in the wake of the sexual misconduct allegations and pending state lawsuit In a story that was first reported by Kotaku and later confirmed by IGN, Luis Barriga, Jesse McCree, and Jonathan LeCraft have all been let go by the company today An unnamed[...]
Activision Blizzard Inc. logo displayed on smartphone by Piotr Swat
The latest development to the Activision Blizzard situation has the staff calling out the company for working with union busters In a letter penned to CEO Bobby Kotic and the leadership team, the staff are demanding the company essentially cease all activities with WilmerHale, how have had a history of training companies to look for[...]
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In the latest development over the Activision Blizzard allegations, employees are now planning a walkout from the company this week The word got out through WoWHead, who received the statement you see below from employees which were passed out to the entire staff On Wednesday, July 28th, the staff is expected to walk out of[...]
Activision Blizzard Inc. logo displayed on smartphone by Piotr Swat
A new internal development has occurred at Activision Blizzard as over 1,000 employees have condemned the company's response The news comes from Kotaku this evening as employees shared the letter with the website According to the report, a team drafted the open letter over the weekend and started gaining signatures from across all of the[...]
Activision-Blizzard Sued By California Over Poor Office Culture
Here's a snippet from the Bloomberg report. Credit: Activision Blizzard According to the complaint, filed Tuesday in the Los Angeles Superior Court, female employees make up around 20% of the Activision workforce, and are subjected to a "pervasive frat boy workplace culture," including "cube crawls," in which male employees "drink copious amounts of alcohol as they crawl[...]
Call Of Duty League Has Made Zenni Their Official Eyewear
Call Of Duty League pros are some of the most followed, most influential esports personalities in the world, and they demand form and function in anything they wear – especially when it comes to their eyes," said Jack Harari, Vice President, Global Partnerships at Activision Blizzard Esports "We believe the Zenni product line will resonate[...]
Call Of Duty League Announces Schedule Changes Due To Weather
Activision Blizzard has had to make a few adjustments to the Call Of Duty League this week due to the terrible weather we're experiencing In case you happen to live on the west coast of the United States, you may have missed the fact that the past week of weather across the country has been[...]
The 2021 Call Of Duty League Season Kicks Off Today
Starting at 12pm PT today, Activision Blizzard will kick off the first week of the 2021 Season for Call Of Duty League The series will start with the Atlanta FaZe Home Series, with all matches being broadcast live on YouTube We have the complete schedule for you here as well as a list of events[...]
We Played "Overwatch 2" At BlizzCon 2019 & Have Some Thoughts
Activision Blizzard pretty much confirmed today that Overwatch 2 and Diablo IV probably won't be released in 2021 The news literally dropped with a thud in the middle of an earnings call this afternoon in which the company was going over the Q4 2020 results and numbers Somewhere in the middle of the meeting, the[...]
Vicarious Visions Has Been Merged Into Blizzard Entertainment
Stunning news today from Activision Blizzard as Vicarious Visions has been merged as a whole into Blizzard Entertainment The news first came out from, who reported that the decision happened today and that the company will essentially cease to be as all of the employees will now be on the Blizzard team Here's a[...]
Call Of Duty League Reveals Plans For The 2021 Season
This past week, Activision Blizzard revealed the plans for the 2021 season for Call Of Duty League, including the opening weekend details As you might suspect, this season will be completely different compared to the inaugural season, primarily because player will be operating with the Black Ops Cold War setup instead of Modern Warfare, but[...]