Airborne Kingdom Receives New Free Summer Update

Freedom Games announced owners of Airborne Kingdom will be getting a free update for the game with some new summer content. This new content will give you the option to decorate your floating cities with palm trees, tiki themes, beach balls, and more, as you can see from the image below. You'll also be getting several new UI improvements make it easier to refresh your kingdom's look, as well as new Photo Mode options. The update is live right now on both Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Airborne Kingdom Receives New Free Summer Update
Credit: Freedom Games

Nothing says Fun In The Sun like palm trees, beach balls, and sun umbrellas, so swap out your building designs to make your Kingdom look as hot as a summer's day! You can now select designs much more easily with an improved UI that makes swapping models a breeze, including rotating and changing designs on any building in any stack configuration. And what are your inhabitants wearing, and what are they carrying? They won't be left out of the summer fun either!

Take a snapshot with a couple new Photo Mode options to save the memories! Also included in this update, a few key features that have long been requested: Windowed Mode, Brightness/Contrast Settings, Master Volume, Invert Pan Direction, and a better Buoy Icon for the map. But perhaps the biggest update is the ability to re-assign keyboard keys. Now you can play with whatever configuration fits you best! Hopefully these updates will make the summer content more accessible to more folks! Enjoy the warm breeze atop your Airborne Kingdom!

  • ADD: Summer themes
  • ADD: Summer workers
  • ADD: Summer photo border and logo
  • ADD: Ability to swap designs, roofs, and rotate without moving
  • ADD: Keyboard key customization
  • ADD: Windowed Mode
  • ADD: Brightness and Contrast settings
  • ADD: Master Volume settings
  • ADD: Wobble Intensity settings
  • FIX: Buoy hard to see on map
  • FIX: Balloon only selectable on base of building
  • FIX: Workers disappear in rare cases when moving storage


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