Alchemist Adventure Gets A Bunch Of New Content

Bad Minions and revealed this week that Alchemist Adventure just got a new update with a bunch of content. The game is still sitting in Early Access on Steam, but it's not stopping the developers from putting in a bunch of stuff whenever they feel like it. The latest update is technically the third, which will take you to new regions, adding new collectibles and cosmetics, fresh gear, and new characters. Plus, it has now added the Round Flask which will help you out. You can read the full details below.

Check out all of the new content for Alchemist Adventure, courtesy of Bad Minions.
Check out all of the new content for Alchemist Adventure, courtesy of Bad Minions.

Today's update allows players access to an awesome new tool — the Round Flask — which lets them create powerful explosion bombs and grants them access to the all-new areas of the game, like The Forest and The Sewers. Not only that, but Mya will meet plenty of new characters and discover a ton of new collectibles, like special gear, Alkimos, lab items, maps, and awesome Homunculus Hats, all while engaging in all sorts of intense (but super fun) challenges!

New Friends Bring New Challenges!

  • Juju and the Lava River Race
  • Jojo and the Jar Breaking
  • Papi and the Color Challenge
  • Babu and the Race Challenge
  • Pepe and Mysterious New Quests

…and New Places to Explore

  • The Forest: There's nothing like some fresh greenery to change things up! Breathe in the clean woodland air, encounter all sorts of new critters and creatures, discover challenges and interact with the woods' mysterious beings, the Rosin.
  • The Maze: While you won't find a magical David Bowie, you will find an enormous and intimidating labyrinth that promises an excellent reward for any who make it to the end.
  • The South District: "…and I live in a van down by the river!" Well, not quite, but this region of Isur does feature mysteriously vacant houses along the banks of the waterway ripe for investigation.

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