Alchemist Adventure Receives A New Powerful Air Guide Trailer and Bad Minions have released a brand new trailer for Alchemist Adventure, giving you a guide to mastering wind. The game has been sitting in Early Access since June, and while we haven't seen the full game be released, we've seen other elements to the game come out that has got us intrigued by what's to come. The latest trailer for the game shows off what you can do when you learn to master the element of wind, as you are shown some of the tricks you can do to help make the adventure go a little smoother for you. Not to mention all the puzzle-solving elements where mastering the element comes in handy. You can check out the trailer below to see all the goodies in store for you as the game is currently being planned for a full release on PC and all three major consoles sometimes in Q4 of 2020.

Learn to control the elements in Alchemist Adventure, and you'll control your fate. Courtesy of Bad Minions.
Learn to control the elements in Alchemist Adventure, and you'll control your fate. Courtesy of Bad Minions.

As the second element Mya uncovers deep within the city of Isur, air becomes one of Mya's most powerful defenses and useful tools to manipulate the world around her and strategically defeat her most challenging foes. She can conjure mighty gusts of wind to push massive obstacles out of her way, pull them into different directions to clear her path, and extinguish fire-based puzzles. By combining air with other elements, Mya can create destructive lightning, ice, and sand potions. Battles become a breeze for someone who has mastered air, which allows them to form defensive barriers, repel foes…or pull them in close for ultimate attacks. Enemies caught up in air's currents will be weakened, lowering their attack damage, allowing Mya to easily take them down.

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