All Elite Wrestling Reveals A New Video Game Announcement Is Coming

A bit of a surprise today as All Elite Wrestling revealed they revealed there will be a video game announcement on the way. One of the biggest things fans have been asking the company about since it was announced clear back in early 2019 was when they would be getting a video game together. Because for a lot of people who are wrestling fans, one of the hallmarks of the industry is having your own game so you can play as the characters you see on TV. While it isn't a necessity, as Ring Of Honor has lived on for years without one, there is an expectation that's been engrained in gamers since WWF WrestleMania came out on the NES in 1988. Although most fans are used to seeing a new WWE game nearly every year at this point, the only other company with a title on the market (kinda) is NJPW's wrestlers being added to Fire Pro Wrestling World.

What would an All Elite Wrestling game look like? Courtesy of AEW.
What would an All Elite Wrestling game look like? Courtesy of AEW.

So, of course, people who are diehard wrestling fans want something from AEW. Which they're getting their wish in some form next Tuesday as the company revealed on Twitter that they'll be holding a special announcement as part of their AEW Games branding. The event will take place on November 10th, which funny enough, is the same day the Xbox Series X is being released. Although they have not announced themselves as part of Xbox's upcoming livestream event that same day, it can't be a coincidence they're making a reveal the same day as a next-gen console is coming out. As to the game itself, while it would be awesome to see something along the lines of a WWE 2K title, we're guessing it gonna be something different. And you know what… having AEW wrestlers added to Fire Pro Wrestling World wouldn't be that bad of an idea, and wouldn't surprise us at all to learn the game would be coming to Xbox Series X and PS5. We'll see what happens next week.

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