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Yen Press Has Announced a New Manga Series Based on the Game Sekiro

Manga publisher Yen Press has announced  Sekiro Side Story: Hanbei the Undying, a new manga series inspired by the hit video game Sekiro: Shadow Dies Twice, which is coming out next week.Sekiro Side Story: Hanbei the Undying synopsis: "Life beyond death...A foolish notion with which to deceive oneself But what happens when death does not come?[...]

Numskull is Celebrating Pac-Man's 40th with New Merchandise!

Numskull Is Celebrating Pac-Man's 40th With New Merchandise

The iconic and popular video game has been entertaining millions of people around the world and continues to find new fans every day Pac-Man can be found in a number of things -- from pinball machines, to consoles games, and of course the legendary arcade machine But Pac-Man also lends himself nicely to all kinds[...]

Myst is being adapted for television, courtesy of Cyan.

Myst Being Adapted for TV by X-Men Writer Ashley Edward Miller

Considered by many one of the most revolutionary video games of the 1990s, Myst is set to be adapted for television courtesy of X-Men: First Class writer Ashley Edward Miller The production comes courtesy of Village Roadshow Entertainment Developing the pilot, Miller acts as showrunner if ordered to series She previously wrote and produced other[...]


"Dead by Daylight" The Hillbilly Haunts Your Shelves from Gecco

Horror gamers will be delighted to see that Gecco has unveiled another statue for their Dead by Deadlight series. If you are unaware of this series, it showcases a group of survivors who have to escape an area while another player is a killer. The series has created a nice variety of original slashers fro […]


"Castlevania" Season 4 Gets Netflix's Blessing [VIDEO]

⁣⁣ #JamesCallis⁣⁣ @richardcarmitage⁣⁣ @alereyn0s0⁣⁣ #TheoJames⁣⁣ @adetokumboh⁣⁣ @msjaimemurray⁣⁣ @jessicabrownfindlay⁣⁣ @jazmasri⁣⁣ @ivanamilicevic⁣⁣ #BillNighy⁣⁣ @navidnegahban⁣⁣ @therealjasonisaacs⁣⁣ @toru_uchikado⁣⁣ @rila_fukushima⁣⁣ #BarbaraSteele⁣⁣ @thereallancereddick⁣⁣ @warrenellis⁣⁣ @samueldeats⁣⁣ @powerhousecreative ⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ---⁣⁣ #castlevania⁣⁣ #netflix A post shared by NX (@nxonnetflix) on Feb 20, 2020 at 9:00am PST[caption id="attachment_1163559" align="alignnone" width="1920"] Netflix[/caption] spoke with BC's Mike Sangregorio at NYCC 2019 to discuss the show and[...]

Funko Pop New York Toy Fair 2020 Reveals - “Marvel’s Avengers”

Funko Pop New York Toy Fair 2020 Reveals – "Marvel's Avengers"

Marvel, and Black Widow all are getting Funko Pops based on their video game appearances Black Widow will be the character getting the special glow in the dark Chase variant Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and Hulk will all be getting retailer exclusives It doesn’t seem like this set is getting a lot of Glow[...]


"Castlevania" Season 3 Set for March; Season Poster Art Revealed [PREVIEW]

@FrederatorS @netflix" took some time out from New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2019 to sit down with Bleeding Cool's Mike Sangregorio to discuss the show and the method behind crafting what many consider to be the finest video game adaptation of all time.Here, Ellis addresses what it was like working with Castlevania and how he[...]

Pokémon Sword & Shield "Surprise Trade Christmas" Devised

"Pokémon Sword & Shield" Surprise Trade Christmas Devised

Pokémon is a fairly complex game series in a competitive sense. The game is simple to learn and once learned even simpler to beat the plot of the games, but when playing competitively, it can get rough to really be a genuine Pokémon master. It stands to reason that new players are in an even […]

The 2019 Video Game Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

The 2019 Video Game Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

Today, the Video Game Hall of Fame announced the next four additions to their organization as four games enter the 2019 batch of inductees The four games that will be added are Colossal Cave Adventure, Microsoft Solitaire, Mortal Kombat, and Super Mario Kart Solitare seems like a no-brainer as basically everyone on the planet owns the game[...]

Alien: Blackout Reveal Trailer (Mobile)

Mobile Game 'Alien: Blackout' Will Release on January 24th!

After some super-mysterious tweets regarding the 20th Century Fox property "Alien: Blackout", we've got some confirmations as to what the title is, and when we'll be seeing it. Featuring Ellen Ripley's daughter Amanda Ripley, "Alien: Blackout" will be a mobile game that is set to release on January 24th 2019. There was a short launch […]


Sony Has Acknowleged that the Next PlayStation is on the Way

Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida has acknowledged in an interview that there will be a new PlayStation. There have been little murmurs floating around about a new PlayStation for a little while. The idea of us being pretty close to a new console generation isn't a new one, with various rumours about the shape and function of […]

Showtime Confirms Master Chief as Lead Character in Live-Action 'Halo' Series

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Bungie[/caption]Taking their turn in the spotlight during this year's Television Critics Association (TCA) summer press event, Showtime used the occasion to confirm that Master Chief will in fact be the main character in the cable giant's 10-episode scripted drama series based on Microsoft‘s Halo video game franchise. Showtime President of Programming Gary Levine confirmed[...]


Early Thoughts on Agony: It's Actually Closer to Boring

Agony caught my attention when it first started to be talked about in the press. Survival horror that is worth getting excited over is a rare breed nowadays. Bar your Outlast 2s and your Resident Evil 7s, there are only a handful of smaller titles that tend to grab the attention. It's a niche genre […]


Xbox Boss Says it's Unlikely We Will See a First Party Battle Royale Game

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has said it is unlikely that Microsoft first party games will be trying to hop on the genre bandwagon. It feels like after this upcoming E3, we might be reaching critical mass when it comes to battle royale. The expectation is that to jump onto the Fortnite and PUBG bandwagon, we […]


Fortnite Battle Royale is Coming to Mobile With Cross Play On PlayStation 4

Epic Games has announced that Fortnite's hugely popular Battle Royale mode is coming to mobile devices with cross play. Recently interest has peaked in Battle Royale mobile games. After a ton of clones came out trying to cash-in on the craze, behemoth PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds got onto the platform. It was a good port, certainly better […]

Tomb Raider

FOR REAL THIS TIME, The New "Tomb Raider" Trailer Hits

 Needless to say, the sudden appearance of the trailer was quickly rectified by Warner Brothers, and it went poof.Officially though, the trailer was JUST premiered tonight on The Late Late Show with James Corden:Staring Oscar winner Alicia Vikander (Ex Machina, The Danish Girl), this new Tomb Raider film will follow main character Lady Lara Croft during her early[...]

The Shadow Knows: The Shadow Pinball

Does anyone remember the 1994 movie The Shadow based on the 1930's pulp character? The movie was terrible even though Alec Baldwin was playing the titular lead. Well in 1995, Bally still released a pinball machine based on the movie. To be fair the machine isn't terrible. It's an innovative game, allowing the player to […]

What To Expect In Patch 7.1: Return To Karazhan

World of Warcaft: Legion is getting it's first big patch update on Tuesday, Return To Karazhan and Blizzard has released a new video talking about some of the highlights. The patch includes, as the name suggests, an upgrade Karazhan. But unlike when the place was introduced as a 10 man raid in Burning Crusade, the […]

Star Trek: Bridge Crew Show The Galaxy In VR

We heard about the Star Trek: Bridge Crew earlier this week, but Ubisoft weren't content with just that though. The game has just been debuted in motion at Ubisoft's E3 Press Conference. It shows that you and your friends will have to work together as a bridge crew to over come the challenges the Star […]