All Hail Temos To Launch Into Early Access Later This Month

Indie developer and publisher Geoffrey Howland confirmed this morning that All Hail Temos will launch into Early Access in a few weeks. The game currently isn't set to be released until sometime next year, but Howland decided to take Steam Next Fest as an opportunity to let you know you'll be able to play a rough version of the game as he slowly finished up the final touches on it. The Early Access version will be released on October 28th, 2022.

All Hail Temos
Credit: Geoffrey Howland

"All Hail Temos is an action RPG in small hand-crafted open world, without a main quest, but many deeper "side quests", where you can choose your own objectives. Melee, archery, hand to hand, solving your problems through dialogue and trade. Stats and skills increase as you use them. Level skills up individually to unlock new abilities. In this clockwork world, as you take action, the world will progress. The world is not autonomous, but changes once you cause consequences through dialogue or action. The NPCs act on their own schedules autonomously, but the world changes when you affect a key point, which may affect many NPCs and areas. There are light trading and resource economy systems, but the major changes come through your dialogue and actions.

Your dialogue and actions will change the state of the world, to create different results. There are multiple endings, and all the impacts you create will be tracked along the way. Dialogue is constantly branching, not just leading to the same result with each choice. As you make your choices, other choices are made unavailable to you because your choices change the world. The world is not procedurally generated, but to simulate a magical fantasy world. Day and night cycles, and dynamic weather. NPCs and creatures have daily schedules.

Temos is a magical sentient world, and all life and everything on it is part of that magic. The world regularly goes through massive changes in response to how people live and act in their parts of the world. Everyone is capable of performing magic in different ways, and magic is infused into everything. Leveling up and enchanting require sacrificing something in return to complete the process. Whether you choose to study as a Priest of Temos, or pretend magic doesn't exist, it is infused into everything. One sect of the Priests of Temos is dedicated to connecting with the Archive of Temos, which holds the information about everything that Temos has experienced; which is the complete collection of everything that has ever existed, and everything that has ever been thought."

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