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Among Us Devs Cancel Sequel To Add More Content To Current Game

The developers at Innersloth have decided to make a change of plans when it comes to a sequel for Among Us: they're not doing one. The game, which rose to popularity over the past month out of the blue, had a sequel announced for it recently from the team. Its caught on like fire far more than it did when it was released nearly two years ago, to the point where it has surpassed Fall Guys as the best selling game on Steam this month, and become one of the most-played titles on Twitch's front page over games like Dead By Daylight, Super Mario 3D All-Stars, Hades, and even the Just Chatting category. Because of this popularity, the devs released a statement saying the sequel is canceled and instead, will be putting more effort into the main game. Here's a snippet from the announcement.

The indie game Among Us has seen a sudden rise in popularity, courtesy of Innersloth.
The indie game Among Us has seen a sudden rise in popularity, courtesy of Innersloth.

Us devs have had several long discussions about what we want to do with the game. When do we stop working on Among Us 1? What content goes into Among Us 2? The main reason we are shooting for a sequel is because the codebase of Among Us 1 is so outdated and not built to support adding so much new content. However, seeing how many people are enjoying Among Us 1 really makes us want to be able to support the game and take it to the next level. We have decided to cancel Among Us 2 and instead put all our focus into improving Among Us 1. All of the content we had planned for Among Us 2 will instead go into Among Us 1. This is probably the more difficult choice because it means going deep into the core code of the game and reworking several parts of it. We have lots of things planned and we're excited to bring new content to everyone as you continue to enjoy playing!

Some of the plans for their improvements to the game include fixing the server issues (as they're now mega crowded), adding colorblind support, adding a friend/account system, and putting in a new stage. Which is sorely needed as there are only two maps. Honestly, this is probably the better move. They can improve on what they have rather than dump a ton of assets into something new that we don't know when it will come out. Strike while the iron is hot and all that. We'll see how quickly they can crank out the content, but we're sure they're pushing themselves before the hype dies down.

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