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Limited Run Games To Release Among Us Collector's Edition For PC
InnerSloth has partnered up with Limited Run Games to release a Collector's Edition of Among Us for PC players In what seems like a really weird maneuver for a game as simple as this that's already been out for a few years, it looks like they're going to give PC players a chance to upgrade[...]
Jimmy Fallon Meets Corpse Husband: Tonight Show Streams Among Us
Following the lead of others like Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Jimmy Fallon along with three members of his house band The Roots played the popular game Among Us with two cast members of Stranger Things and three incredibly popular streamers The entire one-hour stream was a fundraiser for Feeding America and raised $25,000, the last $8,000[...]
InnserSloth Shows Off The New Among Us Level The Airship
In all of the news from The Game Awards 2020, we nearly forgot that InnerSloth showed off the new Among Us map The rumors about the map were absolutely true as The Airship is taken from one of the company's previous games, The Henry Stickmin Collection The design of the level takes a ton of[...]
Among Us Devs Cancel Sequel To Add More Content To Current Game
The crew at InnerSloth posted a new update this week for Among Us on social media, letting fans know of new additions on the way The company most recently started their own Twitter account specifically for the game, to which Twitter automatically gave a Verified checkmark (Good on them, but… Really, Twitter?) Since then they've[...]
Among Us Devs Cancel Sequel To Add More Content To Current Game
InnerSloth revealed this week they have put in new anti-cheat measures into Among Us in order to curb the rampant hacking As pathetic as this sounds, yes, there are people who are so bad and selfish at this super simplistic game, they have to hack it to be the killer all the time Or they[...]
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Apparently Wants To Play Among Us
In what has become one of the strangest video game tweets of the day, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to play Among Us Which seems like the ultimate thing to be seeing in 2020, right? The game has become super popular on Twitch and YouTube with millions of people playing it as you're reading this post tonight,[...]
Among Us Devs Cancel Sequel To Add More Content To Current Game
YouTube Gaming just released a new report on viewership data for September 2020, and Among Us had an interesting statistic The Innersloth game has seen record popularity the past two months, and it appears to have given YouTube some of its highest numbers in the Gaming section According to the report, the game racked up[...]
Among Us Devs Cancel Sequel To Add More Content To Current Game
The developers at Innersloth have decided to make a change of plans when it comes to a sequel for Among Us: they're not doing one The game, which rose to popularity over the past month out of the blue, had a sequel announced for it recently from the team Its caught on like fire far[...]