Angry Mob Games Announced Trinity Fusion For 2023

Angry Mob Games revealed their latest game on the way as they will be releasing Trinity Fusion sometime in 2023. The particular game is a dark action-RPG platformer that takes place across three shattered versions of a multiverse. You'll be playing the role of a Hitchhiker who is psychically linked to her parallel selves, as the three of them will coordinate a plan to fix the damage done and put their respective realities back together as a team. Every reality has a different challenge that will keep you on your toes, as you'll have various weapons and skills you can use in each one, with possible consequences for the others. Enjoy the trailer and info below as the game will be coming to PC and consoles.

Promo art for Trinity Fusion, courtesy of Angry Mob Games.
Promo art for Trinity Fusion, courtesy of Angry Mob Games.

Set across three shattered versions of the game's world, Trinity Fusion casts players in the role of the Hitchhiker, psychically linked to her parallel selves to coordinate the attempt to stitch their different realities together. Each reality comes not only with its own unique challenges, but a version of your character with their own weapons and abilities. Deploy equipment that afflicts enemies with status effects, deal heavy bursts of damage at a distance with ranged weapons or brawl up close with blades and hammers! Stages are a mix of procedurally-generated and hand-crafted levels. As the player travels through each universe, levels and biomes will merge depending on the route the player takes, encouraging multiple playthroughs to see the various ways the worlds can be combined.

Make difficult choices with dozens of unique weapons from Wrist Claws to Rocket Launchers, with elemental weapon variants adding further variety. Mods with different activation conditions can dramatically change the decision-making process mid-run. Do you spend your money at the shop on a slightly better weapon, or do you hold onto it for now, knowing one of your mods gives you a better critical hit chance based on how rich you are? While you'll lose much of your gear upon death, there are plenty of permanent upgrades available, so no matter where you die, you're making progress somewhere.

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