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ArcheAge Reveals New Summer Update Arriving June 22nd

Kakao Games is giving ArcheAge a brand new update in a few weeks, which will introduce The Daru as a new character option.

Kakao Games and XL Games have revealed the big summer update coming to ArcheAge, as players will soon be able to play as The Daru. Daru will give you some cool new options to take on as you mimic the appearance and playstyle of the creatures, which can only be done through a specific scroll, giving you something fun to master and utilize in the game. The update also comes with a massive 10v10 flag wars mode, a global arena beta, and a ton of quality-of-life improvements and skill balancing. We got more details below and a trailer as it kicks in on June 22nd.

ArcheAge Reveals New Summer Update Arriving June 22nd
Credit: Kakao Games

The Daru Arrive In ArcheAge

 The Daru hate to fight, love money and boast a diverse range of abilities that allow them to excel in trading, farming, livestocking, operating auction houses and much more. Players can utilise these skills with the 'Daru Transformation Scroll' (which players will gain from a key quest) and once activated players take on the appearance, stats, and style of the Daru. But these benefits come at the cost of previous racial skills, the use of combat skills (except basic skills), and the ability to enter instances. Perfect for players looking to appreciate the world of ArcheAge, the Daru are suited for exploration, gathering, mining, farming and so much more. It will give players an entirely new perspective of ArcheAge — quite literally.  Becoming one of these adorable blue-skinned pacifists will allow players to:

  • Shapeshift into the Daru

  • Increase Movement Speed while riding a Donkey mount while equipped with the Trade Pack.

  • Breathe underwater

  • Increase their swim speed by 20%

  • Use the Daru Speciality Preservation Bag 7 time per week

  • Deal additional damage for "Big Reel In" at the Mirage Isle Fish-Fest

Factionless Flag Fury

It won't just be the Daru coming to ArcheAge. When players are done exploring the world, Flag War will pit two teams of ten against each other. No factions, just flags, as players are divided into Red and Blue teams automatically when they enter the arena. Flags will appear at specific areas when the game begins, and it's up to players on either team to grab the flag and score points by taking it back to your base. Taking the flag will decrease movement speed, and prevent players from using Gliders and Magithopters, although they'll still be able to dash to avoid their enemies.

The first to 250 points wins, with each flag return giving teams 10 points and every enemy kill earning them 2 points. Players will also be able to gain buffs from the Blessing area (randomly allocated from movement speed increase, damage reduction, debuff immunity, and invincibility). They can also hide inside glowing stealth bushes, keeping them from being seen by their enemies and potentially giving them the upper hand in combat.

Global Reach

The "Make a Splash" global arena beta service will be available in June as well, where players from the four service regions of Korea, Asia, North America, and Europe can make teams and participate in the arena together. The global arena will be marked as a globe icon within the Instances UI. Once the beta comes to a close, the arena will be improved and instances expanded so that adventurers spanning a variety of regions may enjoy the content.

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