Atari VCS Officially Launches Flashback Fridays Series

Atari has launched a brand new series for the Atari VCS as players can now experience Flashback Fridays every week. Every Friday, the company will be adding a couple of classic titles from their massive retro library to be downloaded for $3 each. This week they revealed that the first two games to be a part of that program are Basketbrawl 7800 and Desert Falcon 7800. We're sure there will be many more to come in the weeks ahead as they have a long list of titles they could go through from the early days of home gaming until now. Until then, here's more info on these two titles now available for the Atari VCS.

Covers for Basketbrawl 7800 and Desert Falcon 7800, courtesy of Atari.
Covers for Basketbrawl 7800 and Desert Falcon 7800, courtesy of Atari.

Basketbrawl 7800 (Originally released: 1990)

In a desperate attempt to stop inner-city gang wars, the city leaders organized a basketball league. The mayor figured that a friendly game of hoops would be a much more peaceful way to settle disputes — he was wrong. Choose between 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 game modes and bounce right into the basketball bonanza! With six characters to choose from, each with their own health, speed, and power attributes you'll choose the perfect athlete to jump, block, and defend around the court in a mad dash for the ball. Beware: the referee does not call fouls — they hurl knives!

Desert Falcon 7800 (Originally released: 1987)

Many of the Pharaoh's great treasures are lost throughout the desert, and your goal is to steal as many as you can to earn points. The game is an arcade-style shooter featuring a scrolling, isometric point of view as you control your falcon through the various desert landscapes. Avoid enemies and obstacles such as vultures, warriors, flying fish, sphinxes and more, but don't hesitate to unleash your dart projectiles! Keep an eagle-eye out for hieroglyphs that provide various power-ups and boosts as you glide through the arid skies.

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