Battlefield 2042 Receives A Launch Update Letter & Plan

EA DICE has released a new set of details for updates coming to Battlefield 2042 after it was launched, plus the plan ahead. The team dropped a new letter to players on the game's website, addressing some of the problems and also going over what they plan to update with the game in the short term. This includes a new user interface, improved matchmaking, vehicle balancing, and more. We have info on the servers for you below, but you can read more at the link above.

More changes are coming to Battlefield 2042, courtesy of Electronic Arts.
More changes are coming to Battlefield 2042, courtesy of Electronic Arts.

Servers: We are largely seeing our services perform at our intended target levels, following numerous backend changes since launch. Stability of the game has continued to be strong from launch. However, there are still some critical issues that you may experience when playing on servers that we are keen to resolve quickly. In very rare instances we're seeing that our servers aren't correctly registering hitmarkers. While hard to reproduce (thank you to everyone for sending in clips and screenshots), we're actively working hard to identify what could be causing this issue, and to develop fixes. We're also seeing that on rare occasions that you're unable to spawn on the server with your intended loadout. We believe we've discovered the issue and it will be fixed in our Update #2 on November 25.

Following the fixes that we've already released, we're seeing significantly reduced instances of this, but please help to report any encounters you have with this problem. As a precaution, we have added a new safety feature in our next update which ensures you'll always directly respawn after 30 seconds have elapsed. We are also continuing to investigate servers for Breakthrough specifically. We monitor for these servers live, and work to shut them down where we see them spin up incorrectly and don't engage the start of round flow properly.

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