PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Sees Anti-Cheating Patch Walked Back

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' recent patch, which targeted the title's cheating problem, has been rolled back due to some adverse effects to performance.

player unknown's battlegrounds pubg

PUBG on PC has a cheating problem. If you have played the game, it's probable you have run into some suspicious behaviour in recent times. I know I have, and it's been a little rough going out there — it can be a throw of the dice to figure out if you are entering a game that will be ruined down the line by someone using an aimbot. It's a frustrating problem that is only escalating.

That's why the game's recent PC patch was exciting. Focused on a new anti-cheat system, the update was meant to even the playing field by taking out players using third party cheat programs. Well, it hasn't stuck, sadly. Developer PUBG Corp. has announced that it is rolling back the patch, as it was causing freezes and complete crashes for players. In a note on Twitter, the developer said:

This is discouraging, but obviously it's the correct action to take here. The game has been susceptible to crashing in the past, and it really is incredibly disruptive to play, so it needed to be addressed. At the same time, though, the cheating problem will continue to plague the game, which is equally upsetting. Hopefully the problem can be identified and fixed soon and the patch reinstated.