Bethesda Softworks Already Teasing Another Fallout Project

You'd think with Fallout 76 on the market and all of the issues Bethesda Softworks has been having there, there'd be no time to work on another Fallout game. A number of people discovered the information you see below, where Bethesda threw in placeholders into Amazon for what appears to be a game. That game apparently for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One will have three different editions available for purchase, but no official release date was added to them as they all say the generic "December 31st" date. On top of that, a teaser video was linked to the placeholders, showing a Fallout-like reel counting down to what we assume would be another shelter training video.

Bethesda Softworks Already Teasing Another Fallout Project
credit//Bethesda Softworks

For those who have seen this already, the general consensus online can be summed up like this: Why would you make a new Fallout game when you already have one that's not even six months old and needs constant repair? To which we have to kinda respond… why wouldn't they? It's their IP to do with as they choose, if they feel like making another game in the process to make more money off it, it's their call. If anything, this would be an awesome test to watch. Considering the backlash we've seen from hardcore fans online over… just everything, I would love to know how forgiving those people would be and if they'd be willing to buy a new Fallout game within a year of one that caused such discontent.

No matter what happens, their E3 2019 presentation just got interesting.

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