Bethesda Teases Elder Scrolls VI in "Pre-Production"


One of the things Bethesda fans have been bugging both Todd Howard and Pete Hines about for years has been the status of Elder Scrolls VI. After all, with Skyrim being so successful, of course they'd be working on a sixth game for the franchise. However, it's been six and a half years since Skyrim released on November 11, 2011. And no word from Bethesda about the game.

Previously, Hines had indicated that the studio needed to ship two other games before they would even work on ES6, and we now know what those games are. Their first original IP in 25 years, Star Fields is clearly one, while the ambitious Fallout 76 is the other. But finally, we have a glimpse at The Elder Scrolls VI, whatever it might be. The glimpse we got today gives us very, very little information on the game. Obviously, we can now rule out The Black Marsh as the game's location, but that is about all we can say at this time. The CGI trailer is short and most of the landscape of ES6's location is shrouded in fog, but it still looks gorgeous. Given the fog, vastly different landscape, and coast are indicative that the Akavir setting is a legitimate possibility.

However, the game is described as being in "pre-production" which basically means that Bethesda has a vague idea of the plot and location, just enough to give us a very cruel teaser trailer. So it'll still be some years before we get Elder Scrolls VI. Will probably still ship before the Final Fantasy VII Remake though.

You can check out the ES6 teaser below.

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