Bioware has Plans For Mass Effect Going Forward

Bioware has given fans a glimmer of hope as the developer says it has plans for Mass Effect.


Bioware, Mass Effect

While I liked Mass Effect: Andromeda a fair bit, it's clear that its legacy isn't going to be one that is fondly remembered. The game launched in a troublesome state, it clearly being rushed out the door before it was really ready. It was a sad fate for a game set to continue a series with one of the most passionate fan bases in medium. It was so damaging in fact that the game's planned DLC was canceled and the future of the whole franchise was thrown into jeopardy.

Well, it looks like there is some hope on the horizon. While only a slight promise, in the developer's latest blog, Casey Hudson said that there is a future for the franchise. While nothing was elaborated on, Hudson made reference to fans wanting a new game and that there were 'plans' for the series. The post reads:

A couple of weeks ago it was once again N7 Day.  It's one of my favorite times of the year – a day when people around the world share their experiences with Mass Effect.  It's so inspiring to know that there are so many fans of the series out there that are enjoying the games we've made, and hoping that we'll make more.  We announced one of the things we've done recently (a 4k enhancement to Mass Effect: Andromeda on Xbox One) but as we alluded to in our N7 Day video, that was just a small part of the plans we're making for Mass Effect going forward.

It's hard to know what to make of this to be honest, but at the very least it is encouraging. While there were claims that Bioware and EA had 'killed Mass Effect' with Andromeda, I'm sure many fans would accept a new entry with open arms. The series means so much to people, a shot at redemption is very much on the table. I believe so anyways.