Black Desert Gets Nova Awakening & Succession On Console

The PS4 and Xbox One versions of Black Desert will be getting a double update today in the form of the Nova succession and awakening. These new updates will change how the new class plays and make her even stronger throughout the game. The awakening gives Nova a new weapon, Sting, which according to the team has been "created from the thorn of Quturan and the distorted goddess' power". Sting can take the form of a sword or scythe. Meanwhile, the succession uses her Morning Star and Quoratum for balanced combat, while granting her control of Axian, the King of the Dead. Axian can be summoned by sacrificing Nova's Thornwood Guards and portions of her own HP. You can read all of the updates that have been added to the game here as we have the ones specifically for the Nova class below.

Its time for your succession and awakening, courtesy of Black Desert.
Its time for your succession and awakening, courtesy of Black Desert.
  • Awakening and Succession for Nova, the true queen of thorns, have been released. Reach Lv.56 or higher and you can proceed with Awakening by accepting [Nova Awakening] Invitation from S from the Black Spirit's main quest and completing the following series of quests. Also, you can choose Succession for your Nova by completing [Nova Succesion] King of the Dead that continues right after the Awakening quest.
  • Added quest [Valencia] Dawn of a New Age where you can obtain a Pearl outfit (7 Days) for Nova. You can accept the quest above from the Black Spirit by completing [Lv.56 Valencia] Eastern Sands Kingdom Story on Nova.

    Black Desert Nova Changes


    ● Bitter Reign – Improved the combo motion after the 1st hit is used while casting Quoratum's Protection.

    ● Quoratum's Opening – Improved to be useable after using Icy Fog laterally.

    ● Rage Absorption – Fixed the issue where the Attack Speed Increase buff was being applied.

    ● Changed the following skills to not activate Quoratum's Protection at the end of the skill.

    > Face the Darkness, Punishing Trap, Quoratum's Opening, Quoratum's Ascension, Command: Rime Ice

    ● Fixed the issue with the Combat Assistance mode where the direction of attacks would not change with the enemy movement when performing a chain of standing or forward basic attacks.

    ● Pressing RS/R3 to change into idle stance when summons are out will now remove the summons.

    ● Fixed the issue where the summons were kept even though Quoratum's Protection was no longer active.

    ● Fixed the issue where the effect on the shoulders would remain when getting on a mount and the summons were removed.

    ● Winter Testudo – Changed the duration to 5 seconds.

    ● Reduced the cooldown from 3 minutes to 2 minutes.

    ● Winter Testudo – Fixed the issue where the skill would not activate for adventurers not participating in the Node/Conquest War.

    ● Winter Testudo – Fixed to not collide with the summoned guard.

    ● Winter Testudo – Fixed the issue where using the skill in a safe zone would push other characters back.

    ● Fixed the issue where Nova would not blink in the Customizing screen.

    ● SP will be recovered when successfully blocking an attack during Quoratum's Protection.

    ● SP will be recovered on a successful Mauling Star hit.

    ● The last hit will be activated right after pressing RB/R1 while using Mauling Star.

    ● Mauling Star – Equal amount of damage will be inflicted to enemies within the hitting range regardless of the point hit by the Morning Star.

    ● Changed the critical hit rate of Mauling Star to be not applied to PvP environments.

    ● Damage of Command: Passed Pawn I – Absolute: Command: Passed Pawn has been changed as below:

    – PvP damage has dropped by 33%

    – Critical hit rate will not be applied to PvP environments.

    ● The description of Quoratum's Protection in the skill guide has been changed to "Shield Block Stance" to be read more intuitively.

    ● Fixed the issue where facial expression would not be displayed when doing "Confident."

    ● Quoratum's Protection – Fixed the issue where Quoratum's Protection would be deactivated when used before Quoratum's Opening and Punishing Trap.

    ● You will not be able to move pressing RS while using following skills:

    – Quoratum's Opening

    – Punishing Trap

    ● Summoned guard will be unsummoned when using Emergency Escape.

    ● Summoned guard will be instantly unsummoned when Quoratum's Protection is deactivated.

    ● The guards will not be able to detect enemies behind a wooden fence or wooden fence gate.

    ● If Icy Prison is used while a guard is summoned, the guard will attack forward.

    ● Fixed the issue where bound effect was applied to the opposition when using Black Spirit: Icy Prison with a guard summoned.

    ● Fixed the issue where the number of hits for the 2nd hit was fixed to three when using Bitter Reign while mounted.

    ● Fixed the issue where the effect of Cold, Dark Star would be activated during the Chain Hit (1st hit) when using Bitter Reign while mounted

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