Black Desert Mobile Launches Ramoness Season Two

Pearl Abyss threw in anew update to Black Desert Mobile today, which included the launch of Ramoness Season Two and more. First and foremost, the tournament portion of this will run for four weeks and will kick off on May 19th with a round of 32 for each region, which will then close out on the Final Day happening on June 11th. That last event will be broadcast live on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. You can register for the tournament up until May 10th, 2020, provided you are eligible. You can read the complete notes to that here, which includes info on how to register. Meanwhile, a new barter trade system has been added to the mix with Merchantry. Here's a brief rundown from the developers as to how that works in the game.

Black Desert Mobile Merchantry
Credit: Pearl Abyss
  • Merchantry – The new trading system in Black Desert Mobile will reward players with silver. Adventurers can trade regional specialties that are only available in each village through the Merchantry, and can earn a large amount of silver in the process. In order to complete a trade, Adventurers need a carriage, a horse, and four workers from camp. The rewards of Merchantry will be larger with higher the level of your workers, and workers will receive experience points through the trade as well.

Basically, you'll be given a little bit more free rein then you have in the past when it comes to trading items, but it comes with a risk/reward trade-off, just like it would in real life. Along with this new system the developers have decided to make an extra game of it by throwing in an event for it, which you can read about here. The update also came with some bug fixes and a few improvements, but nothing major that would throw the game into a tizzy. Enjoy the new championships and trading.

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