Black Desert Mobile Receives Two New Classes At Once

Pearl Abyss has released a new update for Black Desert Mobile today where they added not one but two character classes to the game. These two classes play in different styles depending on how you like to mix things up. Both of them employ a blade and can be skillful swordsmiths, but their styles are completely different. The Musa is a direct fighter who has more powerful attacks upfront like a melee character, but it left open more frequently to being blistered in return. The Maehwa is much more graceful and has attacks that come off more like a coordinated effort, but there's less power behind them as you take more of a defensive posture after hitting. It's basically the dealer's choice on how you wish to approach being one or the other, but either way, you can't go wrong with either of them. You can read some details behind both of them below and check out the latest trailer showing them off. Meanwhile, you can read more about the latest update here.

A look at the Maehwa and Musa in Black Desert Mobile, courtesy of Pearl Abyss.
A look at the Maehwa and Musa in Black Desert Mobile, courtesy of Pearl Abyss.
  • A fearless Korean swordsman who battles with a blade and horn bow, using deadly agile combos and explosive dash attacks to make quick work of enemies.
  • Swinging his blade upward to knock enemies into the air, he uses a powerful thrust attack to deal heavy damage.
  • Once Awakened, Musa can use the crescent blade- the weapon of choice for a master swordsman.
  • Maehwa also uses a blade and bow to deliver graceful attack combos that switch from close melee combat to ranged attacks, making her a versatile fighter.
  • Charging her blade, she slices through her enemies and knocks them down with an icy attack that momentarily slows them down.
  • Once Awakened, Maehwa wields the kerispear.

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