Blizzard Introduces the Hearthstone Masters Into the Esports Program

Blizzard has officially announced how they're going to keep the Hearthstone esports scene alive after recent cuts by introducing the Hearthstone Masters. The goal of the new program is to make the esport more sustainable, entertaining, and accessible, of which this will be the first part. We have some of the details behind this below as well as links to the schedule and how to sign up ion Battlefly. The company also announced the Hearthstone Masters Tour, which will be in Las Vegas from Jun 14th-16th this year for the first stop, and later this year they will introduce Hearthstone Grandmasters. For a visual explanation, there's a short video the company made to guide you through it all.

Blizzard Introduces the Hearthstone Masters Into the Esports Program

Hearthstone Masters' entry tier of competition, Masters Qualifiers, are open to all eligible players who want to test their Hearthstone skills. Each week during a Masters Tour qualifying season, Blizzard will run approximately 30 tournaments, hosted through Battlefy, which will allow players to compete at a time that works for them. Battlefy is a global platform that has been a trusted partner of Blizzard's for several years now, and we look forward to working closely with them to make Masters Qualifiers a success.

Winning a Masters Qualifier will earn you an invite to that qualifier's corresponding Masters Tour event, the second tier of the Hearthstone Masters program detailed below. Online Masters Qualifiers also will award Hearthstone card packs for top-performing competitors. Registration will go live two weeks before each Masters Qualifier is set to begin, with the first tournament scheduled for March 5.

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