Blood Bowl 3 Will Be Getting A Closed Beta In Early 2021

Nacon revealed this week that sometime in early 2021, they will be holding a closed beta for Blood Bowl 3. The company didn't really give ut any specifics beyond the main announcement, as it appears they are doing a lot of smoke-and-mirrors as to what the game has to offer and aren't tipping their hand. But what we do know is that it will be across multiple systems as the game is set to be released next year on all three major consoles, PC, and the two newest ones to hit the market. Meanwhile, Games Workshop decided to reveal a few things on their own blog about the game, which we have a snippet for you below.

Get ready for punishment and glory on the 50 yard line, courtesy of Nacon.
Get ready for punishment and glory on the 50 yard line, courtesy of Nacon.

The Blood Bowl design team has been working closely with Cyanide Studios and Nacon on the new game, and it looks absolutely incredible! Not only have the rules been fully updated to match the tabletop game, but the Imperial Nobility and Black Orc teams from the starter box will be playable from the very beginning! The video game version of Blood Bowl allows us the chance to see a wider view (literally) of the hilarious and vibrant setting, including a variety of intricately detailed stadia that capture the character of each team beautifully.

One of our favourite features of the new game is a robust player editor, with loads of options to change up not just the uniform colours, but the armour pieces and kit for each individual team member. We already know we're going to spend hours tweaking our favourite players and giving them little upgrades as they grow and develop. We doubt you needed another reason to pre-order the massive Blood Bowl: Second Season Edition box, but there it is anyway! This game looks like great fun and we can't wait to get stuck in. Don't miss out, though, because this offer only stands while stocks last during the pre-order period! We want to make sure everyone gets a copy, so we're limiting the boxed set to one per order online.

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