Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Want Your Thoughts on DLC

Do you have any specific strong thoughts about DLC being added to games? We're sure you do! Which is why we're quite interested to see what happens now that the developers behind Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night have opened the door for feedback. ArtPlay has opened up a special poll for people to fill out in regards to adding DLC and other special events or releases in the future for their game, where they genuinely want to hear your honest, non-troll or arsenic-laced thoughts. The survey, which you can fill out here, goes over a number of topics to gauge how you feel about certain topics while also getting a brief poll about who is answering their survey in a non-evasive way.


Now how you personally feel about DLC is your thing, we personally can't stand it and find it to be a blight on the gaming industry as you should just make the damn game and stop bilking us out of our hard-earned cash. But that's just our opinion. Some of you may love DLC and other additions and would like to see them come to the game. If you do go take part in the survey, please, be respectful. It isn't often a studio actually wants your feedback.

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