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Here's more info on the studio itself. Credit: 505 Games Built from a team of industry veterans with over 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry, HOOK is starting a new adventure in 2022 We have worked on many, many games – from small indie gems to AAA giants – but you may just think we[...]
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505 Games working with One More Level, All In! Games, 3D Realms, and Slipgate Ironworks have released Ghostrunner: Complete Edition This version of the game comes with all of the DLC content, updates, patches, and more that have been added since the game was released in 2020 It also adds in all of the cosmetic[...]
505 Games Acquires Puzzle Quest Publisher D3 Go
505 Games announced this week they have officially acquired the mobile game developer D3 Go and all of the games under it The goal of the acquisition is to help expand the company's focus in the Free-to-Play (F2P) market, which they're getting some major footing in considering the company has published Marvel Puzzle Quest and Puzzle[...]
Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising
505 Games and Rabbit & Bear Studios have set a release date for their upcoming 2.5D RPG title Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising In case you didn't know, Rabbit & Bear is headed up by Yoshitaka Murayama, one of the creators of Suikoden and NatsumeAtari, so you know the RPG is in good hands as you'll be[...]
505 Games Announces Puzzle Quest 3 Coming In March
505 Games announced today that they will be releasing Puzzle Quest 3 as the game will come to Steam, App Store, and Google Play in March For those who love the franchise, you'll enjoy what is essentially a boosted version of the main game as this one comes with an evolved 1-v-1 battle system that[...]
Ghostrunner’s Project_Hel Expansion Will Release In Late January
505 Games announced they have a release date for the next DLC for Ghostrunner, as Project_Hel will be coming out later this month The new content was teased late last year as they promised players would be getting a slightly different experience compared to the primary game, and it looks like they're going to deliver[...]
Death Stranding: Director's Cut Will be Released This Spring
505 Games will be working with Kojima Productions again to release Death Stranding: Director's Cut for PC sometime this Spring The news was dropped today during CES 2022, as the company will be bringing this version of the game to Steam and the Epic Games Store The game is being touted as the ultimate way[...]
Serial Cleaners Announced For PC & Consoles In 2022
505 Games and developer Draw Distance announced this weekend that they'll be releasing Serial Cleaners for both PC and consoles in 2022 This game is a brand new single-player stealth action crime story title that serves as a sequel to Serial Cleaner This one, in particular, focuses on cleaner Latisha Thomas, one of four selectable[...]
Ghostrunner Gets A New Update With Two Free Game Modes
505 Games along with all of its partners for Ghostrunner have added a new update to the game that will give you some cool new stuff to do For starters, the devs have added two new modes into the game that will keep you busy for several hours, as they have introduced the roguelite-inspired Wave[...]
Rogue Spirit Will Arrive On Steam's Early Access On September 1st
505 Games and Kids With Sticks will be releasing Rogue Spirit into Steam's Early Access a little sooner than expected on September 1st If you couldn't tell from the artwork below and the trailer we have for you here, this is a Studio Ghibli-Inspired 3D roguelite title that will have you fighting a terrible emperor[...]
Epic Games Reportedly Forked Over Nearly $10m For "Control"
505 Games and Remedy Entertainment announced today that they have a spinoff coming of the popular action-adventure game Control The announcement came down on Remedy's website in an open letter from the game's director, Mikael Kasurinen Currently titled Project Condor, the new game already has €25m as the two companies will be co-publishing the game[...]
505 Games Announces Hunting Title Open Country Is Coming To PC
505 Games confirmed this morning that they will be releasing the outdoor survival game Open Country on Steam in early June Specifically on June 3rd, pushed back a few weeks after originally being planned for May 18th No real reason was given for the push, but it doesn't seem like anything devastating took place to[...]
Ghostrunner Receives New Paid & Free DLC Content Today
505 Games and All In! Games revealed today that Ghostrunner has a ton of new content, both in free downloads as well as paid DLC The developers have launched a few new free game modes which you can download by updating the game, as well as the paid Metal Ox Pack which celebrates 2021 as[...]
Human Fall Flat Just Received New Content For Mobile
505 Games revealed this morning that Human Fall Flat has just received a new batch of content for the mobile version Along with Curve Digital and developer No Brakes Games, the team has added two new fan-made courses Golf and City These are community-created levels from winners in the Worldwide Workshop competition in which fans[...]
505 Games Announces Hunting Title Open Country Is Coming To PC
505 Games announced that they will be bringing the arcade-style hunting title Open Country to PC around mid-May The game has been developed by FUNlabs, the game is part hunting title part adventure title, as you seek to shed the city life and live out in the wilderness where hunting helps you survive You'll buy[...]