Brawlhalla Adds New Fighter To Roster With Munin

Ubisoft dropped a brand new fighter into the Brawlhalla roster today as players can now fight to the bitter end with Munin. You're getting a genuine rock star (in this universe) as the other half of the band Ravenqueen is now a playable character. And much like her sister Hugin, you're getting a fast-paced brawler with quick tricks that may not deal a ton of damage individually, but when thrown into a flurry of blows can be messy to deal with. We got a rundown of the character's abilities and the new character trailer highlighting some of them for you here as the character is playable right now.

A look at Munin as they appear in Brawlhalla, courtesy of Ubisoft.
A look at Munin as they appear in Brawlhalla, courtesy of Ubisoft.

With her sister Hugin, Munin forms the band Ravenqueen, an explosive and colorful musical duo. Munin is ready to make some noise and players must be prepared to attend the rock show. Munin is available now for 7200 Gold, and the skins Hugin, DJ Hugin, and Magpie Munin are also available now for 140 Mammoth Coins each. Check out Munin's six encore-worthy Signature attacks:

  • Scythe Signatures
    • Side Signature – Munin performs a classic rock 'n' roll power slide and plays a huge riff with her scythe. The sound waves and notes spiral forward to take out her opponents.
    • Neutral Signature – Munin does a colossal slash with an energy musical staff, and on-hit swipes opponents up and away.
    • Down Signature – Munin jumps back and strums a massive power chord of musical energy downward. The music can bounce off the ground if it hits it.
  • Bow Signatures
    • Side Signature – Munin summons a musical staff, jumps across it, and fires out notes that explode on contact.
    • Neutral Signature – Munin shoots a blast of musical energy upwards, which quickly explodes.
    • Down Signature – Munin jumps up and strikes a pose, shooting energy eighth notes out from where she jumped.

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