CA Game Master Starts Gofundme For Wildfire Affected D&D Players

The tabletop community is coming together once again to help one another out, this time for the victims of the latest California wildfires. Sam Hock, a Bay Area writer, bookseller, and Game Master, started a gofundme campaign to help replace Dungeons and Dragons Rulebooks and Manuals for those affected by the current California wildfires. It's Hock's hope that the tabletop gaming community as a whole will come together to restore the collections of as many players as possible.

To all of the gamers who lost their homes in the California wildfires, I cannot imagine what you are going through. If I were in your shoes, experiencing the loss of all of my worldly possessions, the greatest blow to me would be my Dungeons & Dragons collection. The books are typically upwards $50 each, and for a dedicated collector, replacing them all will be costly. But with the support of the incredible tabletop gaming community around the world, the cost may not be insurmountable. I want to help.

If you need books, send me a private message with the following information:

1. Your name.
2. Your former address in the affected areas.
3. A current shipping address where you will receive your new books.
4. A list of books you lost, in order of priority.
5. Your favorite color. (If we get enough funds, maybe we can include a set of dice!)

I will create a spreadsheet listing everyone's book needs sorted by priority. Using the money from GoFundMe, I will send everyone their top prioritized book first, then move on to everyone's second, and so on. This ensures that as many people as possible at least get the book that is most important to them.

If this GoFundMe campiagn doesn't get enough money to cover everyone's book requests, priority will be given to those who have messaged me first. First come, first serve. If by some miracle the campaign raises more funds than are needed for the books on our spreadsheet, the money left over will be sent to one or more disaster relief charities.

It is my hope that those affected by the wildfires will be returning to their adventures as early as possible in 2019!

We've reached out to Wizards of the Coast for a comment about this story and will update when we hear back.


UPDATED: Wizards of the Coast has chosen not to comment on this story at this time.